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  • His icon - the one that consists only of his face with a huge, insane grin on it. He looks like he wants to eat you and is really looking forward to it. And the circles in the background makes it look like he's coming right at you. *shudders*
  • Due to Early Installment Weirdness, the suicide in Cartoon Allstars has a different feel to it; a longer set-up and a second-long silent black screen. Not funny, more kinda sad and creepy.
  • In a deleted scene on the premium area, he tries to hang himself. Sounds like his usual, right? Wrong. Unlike the gunshots where you see a little hole and some blood, the rope is actually tight around his neck and it really looks like Doug is in pain.
  • His Halloween special with Teddy Ruxpin, especially the ending. "Come dream with me tonight..."
  • The end of his Full House review features a demonic growling version of the Olsen twins, who show up in one Jump Scare after another. Odds are you'll be caught off guard by at least one of them.
  • The "Top 11 Mindfucks".
  • That little bit where he's remembering all the torment he got about Doug. The creepy laughing...
  • His review of The Good Son. It's already a pretty freaky movie, but unlike his review for Alone in The Dark where the Critic actually had a voice (albeit a robotic one), he only used cue cards for his The Good Son review. The Good Son is genuinely scary for some, and it was infinitely worse when he did the whole review in complete silence.
  • In his review of the Lost in Space movie Dr. Smith's mutated spider form in the movie wasn't very scary to me. However, when the Nostalgia Critic dressed up like him at the end, he is rather uncanny and creepy looking. It most had to do with that weird voice, and his wide eyes, which popped out more because of the dark face paint he was wearing.
  • His "Return of Nostalgic Commercials" review, when he looks at the Corn Pops commercials and puts in quick, half-second clips from various horror movies mixed in with the kids's mental breakdowns. And then he goes and puts in some Evil Dead clips during the Fun Fruit Trees commercial!
    • His manic attitude throughout the episode was pretty creepy, especially if you compare it to the first special. Special mention should go to when he evil laughs after proclaiming "killing smaller things gives you power!" and then giggles cutely like a schoolgirl.
  • The end of his review of The Haunting, which is a long, ranting imitation of the writer having some kind of mental breakdown while insisting that his version is much more mature and grown-up than the original. It starts out funny, but it goes on for a really long time and gets pretty disturbing after a while.
  • Unlike his usual Black Comedy suicides, that moment in the first commercials special where he's really close to Death by Despair is creepy. It might be that he just seems so very alone and worn out.
  • His Hilariously Abusive Childhood has a lot of Adult Fear qualities about it, the earliest example being child!Critic allowed to have a gun.
  • The end of his "He-Man Christmas Special" review. A clip of Yoda saying "You will be. You will be." plays, and when Critic wonders why he keeps saying that, the sound of Yoda's disembodied laughter plays while Critic looks around in slight fear and confusion. And the laughter keeps going, even picks up a bit more, even as Critic leaves.
    • Made all the creepier when you hear a dark reprise of The Imperial March on the background.
    • And then there's the end of his Next Top Eleven Christmas Specials. Usually the Critic crying and begging not to do something is great fun, but when he inserts the Star Wars characters laughing manically at him it gets a bit freaky.
  • The ending to James and the Giant Peach. He gets massacred by all the guns when the screen goes black, but then there's a moment or two of silence followed by another clear-sounding shot. Gaaaah.
  • His... mixed, ongoing reactions to SWS2 (from getting excited twice over the prospect of the Spocker to wanting to kill Spoony in Kickassia to trusting him enough to drink with him again in the donation drive) don't say great things about his sanity.
  • When he appears in Insurrection, his hateful expression, stern voice, Critic breaking into tears and the Kill Bill music to top it off, makes Linkara seem far darker than the Parody Sue he's usually portrayed as.
  • The Red Dragon video features his take on Hannibal Lecter's most famous line, almost as disturbing as Hopkins'. Subverted and turned into a Crowning Moment of Funny when after this, we cut to him indulging his posh side and ordering the food from a takeaway.
  • A few moments from Bennett the Sage in the Star Chaser review make his guest appearance in Ask That Guy look like he was giving out candy, with him being dressed in a black and red robe, telling the Critic not to die as he can't played with that way, and getting way too turned on by Critic crying.
    • The robot thing with human eyes was already creepy in the movie, but they just had to make it pants-shittingly terrifying by dubbing it with Judge Doom's "when I killed your brother" line. Thanks for the nightmares, boys.
  • In the Transformers cartoon review, the domestic violence joke between Starscream and Megatron is really uncomfortable. Even the Critic acknowledges it being dark.
  • Going back to the early days: Doug's impersonation of the Joker's "why so serious" speech, especially after four minutes of goofing around, makes you want to hide behind a blanket.
  • The effect of his teeth shattering at Mara Wilson's cutesy child acting.
    • Not to mention... DON'T FUCK WITH MARA WILSON!!!
    • How about when he opens the 'supposed' door where the dead and decayed godmothers sit?
  • His getting attacked by a Facehugger. Even if he just flicks it off, those things are just as creepy in poorly animated form.
  • His take on Mr. Magoo. He's actually a self-described psychopath who uses Obfuscating Disability.