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  • Roy's skin tone was lightened a few shades after the art upgrade. Word of the Giant says it's so he'll appear better when the books are printed. Same thing with Zz'dtri.
  • For a few hundred pages, Elan has been cosplaying as Locke from Final Fantasy VI minus the wig and bandanna. To be exact, he dressed up as Locke (and Thog donned a Moogle suit) to sneak aboard the Falcon, then gave himself away, got thrown out of the airship, and never changed back. The new costume's a large improvement, though.
  • At one point, an NPC in the background says "*sigh* Times are tough..."
  • As of his resurrection in #665, poor old Roy had been dead for exactly one third of the comic.
  • Here is Word of the Giant commenting on TV Tropes.
  • Name's the Same: Introduced in an arc filled with Star Wars references, Malack's name is evocative of Malak, a Sith character from Knights of the Old Republic. This connection is further reinforced later in the comic, as Malack's Macebook page shows that one of his friends/fellow clerics is named Kotor, which is the Fan Nickname for Knights of the Old Republic. The Giant said any similarities were unintentional.
  • Schedule Slip: The author has a chronic illness, which shall remain un-speculated at all costs. As a result, sometimes the comic updates once a month, and sometimes there are five new strips in a week.

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