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The Secret Life of the Backyard Kids is probably the most famous Backyard Sports Fan Fic that doesn't have anything to do with sports. It was written by a girl known as rose64bud in deviantART, who started publishing it from November 2011 to June 2012.

TSLOTBK is different from most fanfictions written by teenage girls. There's Ho Yay but no slash, and no Mary Sue. It's late 2008, and Jorge Garcia had just outran Pablo Sanchez on all fours, but he doesn't know why. He finds out he has magic powers, and that the reason he outran Pablo was because he was so powerful. He uses his powers to defeat an Alpha Bitch Complete Monster, Tiffany Stevens, all the while, trying to live a normal life. What's more, Achmed starts a budding romance with Samantha Pearce, even though Tiffany is his girlfriend.

Also, in a (probable) life-threatening situation for Jorge, he transforms into a panther to protect himself, and gains Super Strength and Super Speed from the experience. He tries to live a normal life while his shell peeks out, and tries to keep his identity secret from his friends Dmitri, Achmed, Angela, Reese, and Tony. But Tiffany is always after him...

It's on deviantART here.


Why is everyone fall for Jorge?
  1. In Chapter 6, he destroys his dad's car and one window in his bank. Although to be fair, his dad is a Jerkass.