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File:Sifl and olly.jpg



The Sifl and Olly Show was a comedy show on MTV with sock puppets, animation, and music. Created and performed by musicians Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco, friends since childhood. The first episode aired in 1997, and the show was canceled in 1999.

The two main characters are a black sock puppet named Sifl and a white sock puppet named Olly. Sifl is the calmer (though less responsible) leader of the show, while Olly is excitable and often breaks into crazed furies. Their assistant Chester is shy and often incoherent, and claims to be great at everything. Only puppets appear on the show, except during Precious Roy's hamster sale.

The show is always very simple and low-budget, showing only the characters and background images or animation. The two co-hosts often have a microphone in front of them. The show has an unscripted feel, with the characters talking to each other in a realistic, conversational style. Sifl and Olly sing both original and classic songs throughout the show, with an original song at the end. Though it featured puppets, the series was not intended for children. The humor often featured profanity, sexual references, drug innuendo, crude humor, bodily functions, and violence.

Regular segments included "Precious Roy's Home Shopping Network", where Olly would briefly lose what sanity he had left to sell very dangerous or impossible products to people; "Calls From the Public", which is exactly what it sounds like; "A Word with Chester" (later "Letters To Chester") where Olly would spend a little time talking to Chester, since he wanted to give him a spot on the show; and finally "And Now...ROCK!" where the duo would sing a song, many of which were recycled into the "Kickin' It Old School" segments of season 2.

Tropes used in The Sifl and Olly Show include:
  • The Ace: Zafo. Musician extraordinaire. Able to play 15+hour shows(on top of Mt. Rushmore!) without batting an eyelid. His voice itself is musical(he talks Vocoder/electric-guitar-like). When he calls the show, the boys can only bask in his awesome in fanboyish glee. He is so awesome, the Earth has been saved from destruction(twice!) by the mere mention of his name.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Many of Sifl and Olly's guests. One notable occasion was when they interviewed an orgasm and his sidekick the G-spot.

 S&O: "So...How do you feel?"

Orgasm: "Man, how do you think I feel?"

S&O: "...probably pretty damn good."


 Sifl: "You know the problems I've been having [BLANK]."

Olly: "Sifl, you got some serious ass [WHAT SIFL SAID] problems!"

  • Mad Scientist: Sifl, sometimes.
  • Mushroom Samba: Thanks to a friendly mushroom who shows up as a guest.
  • Noodle Incident: Why Chester looses it when he sees bubbles is never explained, only that it involved a kid who blew bubbles on the school bus he used to ride.
  • Planet Eris
  • The Power of Rock
  • Real After All: During one "Precious Roy" segment, Olly claims to have power over lightning, Sifl disparages this until Olly actually fries one of the callers. Sifl is appropriately horrified.
  • Really Gets Around: The aptly-named Sex Girl. About the only person who can't score with her is Olly. Amazing, considering the quality of his pick-up lines:

 Olly: Baby, everything I'm about to do to you, I learned at Seaworld.

Sex Girl: What!?