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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "The Hundredth Smurf" (third story in the "The Egg and the Smurfs" album), a hundred Smurfs are required for the Dance of the Moon, but there are 99 only. In "The Wild Smurf", we find that the Delivery Stork lost a Smurf who ended being the eponymous character. This means that if Wild Smurf didn't have get lost, they would have been 100 Smurfs! It fits!
  • Rewatching some episodes (due to a case of nostalgia triggered by the release of the movie) with TV Tropes fresh on the brain reveals that this show is no more nor less Communist than most shows of the 80s.

Fridge Logic

  • The Movie sheds some light on Gargamel's entire motivation for capturing Smurfs - their skin flakes, sweat and tears carry potent magic, and a sample of Smurfette's hair allows him to power his ring and a wand. Surely the Smurfs can reach a compromise, like Gargamel leaving their village alone in exchange for weekly bags of shavings and hair clippings, toenail clippings and even tubs of bathwater...
    • To be fair, Gargamel has the Villain Ball super glued to his hands.
    • More importantly, it is a standard principle of magic that things like your hair, nail clippings, etc. can be used against you if a suitably evil magician were to get his or her hands on them. Very likely the Smurfs would be extremely wary of voluntarily giving those things to Gargamel, who fits the profile of "evil magician" to a "T".