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Funny moments for the comic book:

  • In "The Flying Smurf", the first (failed) try of the eponymous Smurf to fly is to steal a hen's feathers to make himself wings. Throughout the story, a Smurf appears seeking for his hen. Near the end, the Smurf finds the hen and says "There is it! That's my...! No, mine had feathers."
  • In "The Egg and The Smurfs", one Smurf (possiby an unnamed Early-Bird Cameo of Flighty Smurf) is undecided to what to wish to the egg, and the one waiting behind him tells "if you can't decide, then go to hell". Cue the Smurf surrounded by flames and close to a goat-legged being.
    • And when Papa Smurf undoes all the wishes, he suddenly appears, looking astonished and telling the others: "You won't believe where I have been."
  • In "The Smurfs and the Howlibird", when the Smurfs are repairing a crossbow to use against the Howlibird, Papa Smurf needs a nail and calls a Smurf. When he notices he called Clumsy Smurf (who always brings the wrong thing when asked), Papa Smurf is Genre Savvy enough to know that if he asks for a nail, Clumsy Smurf will bring him a screw, so he asks him for a screw... and Clumsy Smurf brings him a nut.
  • In "Smurf Versus Smurf", when a North Smurf makes a divisory line between the halves of the village, he marks it inside the house of a Smurf. The poor Smurf must adapt to the idea of crossing the line (and changing his speech patterns accordingly) to do the most mundane tasks.
  • In "The Smurflings", the de-aged Snappy Smurf passes close to Grouchy Smurf:


Grouchy Smurf: Uh? but I haven't said anything yet!

Snappy Smurf: But you were about to, weren't you? I could tell.

Grouchy Smurf: How did he guess? (In thoughts) I hate Smurflings.


Funny moments for the Animated Adaptation:

  • Gargamel's evil plan to attack the Smurfs in "Romeo and Smurfette" is... starting a Ship War!
  • Hogatha not noticing that she's wearing a fake beard until she looks in the mirror and sees it when she casually says, "I have charm, I have beauty, I have a beard..." in "Hogatha's Heart Throb".

Funny moments for the 2011 film:

  • The most humorous character by far in an otherwise Strictly Formula film must be Narrator Smurf, who is a literal Interactive Narrator -- that is his actual job. In the Final Battle with Gargamel, he Lampshades the fact by declaring in his "announcer voice" that he cannot stop talking like this.
  • Gargamel, ensconced in Riker's, attempts to pull a Gandalf ploy by commanding a butterfly to bring him mighty eagles so that he might fly out of there. Shortly thereafter he's being menaced by some other prisoners when his ticket out returns... with a swarm of flies. For extra bonus funny, once he gets over the initial disappointment he doesn't seem to mind that much. Not to mention that it works.
  • Three words: "Are you dead?"
  • Gargamel talking to several people on the street about the smurfs:

 Gargamel: Excuse me, have you seen any little blue men?

Businessman on phone: Sure, what price are we talking about?

Gargamel: You're selling them?

Girl on phone: Yeah, I'm giving it to Nellie.

Gargamel: Who is Nellie?

Guy on phone: She's only the hottest girl in my apartment!

Gargamel: What does the temperature of Nellie have to do with Smurfs?

    • Later he asked a hobo (whom he identified as a "peasant") if he's seen little blue people:

 Hobo: They're everywhere!

Gargamel: I knew it!

  • Gutsy Smurf doing the Marilyn Maneuver.
  • What might have been a disturbing moment when Patrick finally snaps turns into this:

 Patrick: "Stop saying 'Smurf' for everything! What does that even mean?! Smurf, smurf smurf smurfedy smurf smurf!"

Smurfs: (gasp)

Gutsy: There's no call for THAT kind of language!

  • The Smurfs' answer to Patrick's question on their names (were they born with em or did they get em overtime based on their personalities): "Yeah, sure, why not?"