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File:ALLTYNEXsmall 9166.jpg

ALLTYNEX: All your military are belong to it!

The Tale Of ALLTYNEX is a trilogy of Bullet Hell Shoot Em Ups developed by SITER SKAIN with its story centering around the malicious super-compter, the ALLTYNEX OS. Each game in the series has its own gameplay mechanics and gimmicks. One thing that stays consistent in the series, however, is that despite the games being of the Bullet Hell genre, the ships are much tougher and have much larger hitboxes than the standard bullet hell. Thankfully each game provides you with some form of protection against the sheer onslaught of bullets.

As none of the games have been released in English, the only one with a confirmed accurate story on its page right now is RefleX. The others are based on partial translations and are in desperate need of fact-checking by someone familiar with their stories.

The games in the trilogy are:

  • KamuiTale of ALLTYNEX: Final Chapter
  • RefleXTale of ALLTYNEX: Second Chapter
  • Alltynex SecondTale of ALLTYNEX: First Chapter

SITER SKAIN has released a story and art compilation book at Comiket 80.

Tropes used in The Tale of Alltynex include: