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File:White-house 300 px 6452.jpg

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington D.C.

The White House is the home of the Invisible President, and the headquarters of the Government Conspiracy. It's heavily guarded by men in black. A Government Procedural may call it home. Scary Dogmatic Aliens may destroy it with their Wave Motion Gun; friendly Aliens and Monsters will land on the lawn and ask to speak to the being in charge. Our Hero may be called to The White House to be recruited for a top-secret mission, or to be decorated for preventing The End of the World as We Know It.

The building itself is nice-looking, and fairly big, but not incredibly so; it's certainly a lot smaller than the literal palaces that most heads of state around the world live in. The grandeur in American government architecture was saved for the Capitol, home of Congress[1]; the Supreme Court didn't even get its own building until 1935 (before, it shunted about various rooms in the Capitol). You can see what the founders of this country were going for...

On British Telly, Whitehall (or sometimes 10 Downing Street) is the Establishing Shot equivalent of The White House, and the P.M. speaks to the Invisible President by trunk call.

Examples of The White House include:


  • The I-jin attack it in the original Read or Die OVA.
  • The Presidential mansion in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz bears a strong resemblance to it...despite being located in Brussels, Belgium.



  • The movie Dave, where the title character (played by Kevin Kline) acts as a look-alike for the President.
  • Signature Scene of Independence Day was the destruction of the White House.
  • It is the eponymous house in House of Re-Animator and it was supposed to have Herbert West resurrecting the suddenly died President with hilarity ensuing. Unfortunately, it's stuck in Development Hell.
  • Female staffer is found dead there in Murder at 1600 and Wesley Snipes investigates it.
  • Aliens attack it in Mars Attacks (Film)! when two protagonists are visiting it.
  • Wild Wild West sees our two heroes head on up to meet with the president. You can easily walk right up to the front door without being bothered and their are goats on the lawn.
  • National Treasure requires Ben and co to break into the oval office to open the president's desk, to get an ancient Indian clue to the lost city of gold.
  • In X-Men 2, Nightcrawler breaches security at the White House and comes within an inch of stabbing the president before being winged by a Secret Service agent, allowing him to break his mind control.

Live Action Television


Video Game

  • In the late '90s, there was a trend of First Person Shooters set in detailed recreations of the White House and surrounding environs, a gimmick which probably wouldn't go over very well nowadays:
  • Hitman: Blood Money had 47 kill the Vice-President here.
  • Subverted in The Conduit. While one stage is set at the White House, it is not the headquarters of the Government Conspiracy.
    • Although a former resident is...
  • The Modern Warfare 2 level Whiskey Hotel features a Army Ranger assault on the captured White House.
  • Command and Conquer games feature the White House with some fequency.
    • In the Nod ending of Tiberan Dawn, you can target the White House for an Ion Cannon strike.
    • White House appears the Washtington DC missions in both Soviet and Allied Campaigns in Red Alert 2.
    • In Tiberum Wars, capturing and liberating the White House is an objective of Nod and GDI respectively. By 2047, it has lost its political importance due to GDI absorbing the US government (alongside many others). It is still a strong cultural and historic symbol though.
  • Streets of Rage 3 Had the two final levels on the bad ending path take place outside and inside the White House, although sloppy censoring by Sega referred the White House as City Hall.
  • Metal Wolf Chaos starts at the outskirts of the White House. It is fought as a boss fight later on.
  • Splinter Cell Conviction has the finale level here, as you try to stop a coup.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Futurama has a White House with an elevator leading to another White House in a cavern underground.
  1. D.C. construction codes prohibit any building from being built that would be taller than the Capitol the Heights of Buildings Act of 1910 restricts new building heights to no more than 20 feet (6.1 m) greater than the width of the adjacent street.