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Stock Phrase spoken by characters in almost every Role Playing Game. Generally done just before, well, the Final Boss. Often used to not-so-subtly prod you into knowing that you've reached the Point of No Return and can no longer save. Sometimes this is just a message the game tells you, Breaking the Fourth Wall, while other times the characters will stand around and discuss it amongst themselves.

Sometimes this can be done as a way of trying to hide the Disc One Final Dungeon. Done well, it can add to the surprise when you find out it wasn't the final battle after all. Done badly, it ends up being a clumsy way of lampshading the fact.

Examples of This Is the Final Battle include:



 Bud: This is the final battle, guys.

    • It isn't. Megatron respawns next episode. It's only halfway through the series; what do you expect?



 Peace will come. This is the last battle.




 He-Man: "Enough talk!"

Skeletor: "Yes! Let this be our final battle!"


Video Games

  • No More Heroes has a line like this spoken in Desperate Struggle by Jasper Batt Jr. just before the fight starts. But since this is No More Heroes, which just loves to break the fourth wall, it makes a bit more sense than most other instances.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, the infamous line "Let's mosey!" is spoken just before heading down to the bottom of the Northern Crater.
    • "Move out!"
    • And just before the final battle against Sephiroth begins, Cloud shouts "To the settling of everything!"
  • Subverted in Bahamut Lagoon - Hornet tells you the final battle is about to begin in chapter 18, but it doesn't actually happen until chapter 23.
  • In the Kingdom Hearts games, a mysterious message will appear just before you enter the final door and give you a choice to turn back.
  • Most Wild Arms games have a message before reaching a major boss that asks "Are you sure you want to open this door?" Used particularly in the first game in the Disc One Final Dungeon.
  • The Mega Man Battle Network games do this a lot. "Final Routine, set!"
  • Used in Blue's story in Saga Frontier - before you go to Hell, you are told that you can never leave, and that if you try to teleport out, you'll be "cast into the void."
  • Used before the final battle in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, if the dark blue auto lighting flames and bright purple hurricane doesn't already make you realize:

 Starlow: This must be the final battle! I can feel the dark power emanating like crazy!

[Stuff about being able to count on Mario and Luigi]

    • Bowser says it too a few minutes later:

 Bowser: Seriously, perfect backdrop for an awesome final battle!

  • Hotel Mario has "This is it, Luigi!" as Mario and Luigi approach the final hotel.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, before entering Ultimecia's chamber Squall pauses to make sure he and his team are ready. If all of the abilities that were locked upon entering the Very Definitely Final Dungeon haven't been unsealed, he observes as much and wonders whether or not they'll be able to win like that.
  • The main villain from House of the Dead 2 says this right before the battle with final boss. Badly.
  • In Star Fox Assault, just before going after the Aparoid Queen's final form, Fox calls out "This is it! The final battle!"
  • Used verbatim in the Flash game Ultimate Crab Battle.
  • Not quite the phrase, but in one life of Eternal Darkness you're asked if you want to go down and end the corruption in the church. Cue putting on your best protective enchantments, and facing the guardian of the temple. Who does a One-Hit Kill, barely pausing in arguing with The Dragon to do it.
  • Spoken before an important battle in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. It isn't actually the final battle yet, the Allied Nations just think it is. Used a second time in the defeat dialogue/"strategy tips" of the *actual* final battle.
  • Mass Effect, of course, being the dialogue-heavy game that it is, plays this out in the sequel.

 Shepard: "It's been a long journey, and no one's coming out without scars. But it all comes down to this moment. We win or lose it all in the next few minutes... Make me proud. Make yourselves proud."

  • Bioware loves the trope. Both Baldur'sGate games had this at the final battle. The expansion Throne of Bhall did as well. The battles with Irenicus in BG 2 actually subvert this the 1st time (including a chat with all your characters about why they wish to go on) and plays it straight the 2nd.
  • With Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the announcer makes it obvious by shouting "The Battle for Earth!"
  • Spoken by Malah in the Diablo II expansion: "Everything you have done has been to prepare for this. Kill Baal! Finish the game!"
  • Used by Jr. Troopa in the final battle with Mario in Paper Mario.
  • Rosenkreuzstilette: "I would kill you here and now, but I have a better idea. I'll let you prepare yourselves for a final showdown. You had better get ready!"

Web Original


 Seto Kaiba: This is the final battle! American cartoons vs Japanese cartoons in final showdown!

Bandit Keith: Hey! You can't say that! This belongs to America! Only Americans can...

Seto Kaiba: Shut the f**k up!


 The Nostalgia Critic: "All right Nerd, this is it! No more to be continues, no more do-overs, it is time that we have the final battle! For the last time!"