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She's small. Short. Petite. Vertically challenged.

She tells everyone what to do, and expects them to obey. Threats ensue if people don't. Sometimes even physical violence. Maybe she's compensating for something?

Perhaps it's the incongruity of a small young girl ordering people around as if she were the big alpha male, but it's a pretty common character design. Some people think she's cute. Others think she's annoying. Either way this is a visually and verbally striking character, and is rarely forgotten. Making large men the target of her orders just adds to the fun.

Often justified by having her be a spoiled rich kid, or even royalty. Other times, she's just the only daughter in a family full of males, and her older brothers spoil her immensely. Usually she's pre-puberty age, but sometimes it can creep up into the teen years. It's possible for her to have character development and learn humility but other times she'll never learn.

Certainly some Truth in Television, as plenty of parents and grandparents can confess to being amused by their daughter ordering them about in a very decisive manner.

Compare The Napoleon and Bratty Half-Pint. The Shana Clone archetype is a notable subtrope.

Examples of Tiny Tyrannical Girl include:

Anime & Manga

  • The Twelve Kingdoms has Shushou, Empress of Kyou.
  • Mashiro Blan de Windbloom from the Mai-Otome and Mai-Otome Zwei series.
  • Dalian from Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian appears to be shaping up to be this, ordering Huey around like he's a servant, or she's a little girl he should be doing everything for, though she's a more subdued example.
  • Pictured above: Known around school as the "Palmtop Tiger" for her short, "doll-like" body and violent disposition, Taiga Aisaka is truly a force to be reckoned with, despite only being about 4'9. She's eventually revealed to be a deconstruction of the trope: her aggressiveness comes from the severe insecurities left by her Dark and Troubled Past.

Film (Animated)

Film (Live-Action)

  • In Remember the Titans, pretty little blonde Sheryl Yoast yells at the football players as she assists her father coach.


Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comics

Video Games