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Tom Sharpe (born 1928) is a Cambridge-educated British author of comic Farce novels. He is perhaps best known for his Wilt series of comic novels, but the Piemburg farces, which are drawn from his time living and working in apartheid South Africa, are also worth a honorable mention. (He was deported from South Africa for subversion and not taking apartheid seriously). He has been described as England's funniest living writer, but in a country also boasting Sir Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt and Robert Rankin, that is perhaps open to debate.

  • Wilt Series:-
    • Wilt (1976)
    • The Wilt Alternative (1979)
    • Wilt On High (1984)
    • Wilt In Nowhere (2004)
    • Wilt In Triplicate (omnibus) (1996)
    • The Wilt Inheritance (2010)
  • The Piemburg Police force novels:-
  • Other Novels:-
    • Blott On The Landscape (1975) (Also made into a TV mini-series for The BBC)
    • The Great Pursuit (1977)
    • The Throwback (1978)
    • Ancestral Vices (1980)
    • Vintage Stuff (1982)
    • The Midden (1996)
    • The Gropes (2009)
  • Collections:-
    • Selected Works (1986)
    • Tom Sharpe Library Pack (2001)
  • Short stories:-
    • Stirring the Pot (1994)
  • The anthology Knights of Madness: Further Comic Tales of Fantasy (1998) features a story by Tom Sharpe.