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  • Dhalua Strong in Tom Strong, upon finally meeting Ingrid Weiss. There couldn't be more enmity between the two. Weiss raped Dhalua's husband, makes incessant comments about her own attraction to him and the attraction she presumes he has toward her, and raised the son resulting from the rape to be a Nazi, like herself. She consistently uses Nazi racial slurs in referring to Dhalua and family. Dhalua confronts Ingrid as she's saying...

Ingrid: Our business here is finished.
(Dhalua, in a 5/6ths page splash, is standing athwart the exit, wearing Paul Saveen's "Atomic Knuckles", initially behind her back)
Dhalua: Not quite. Miss Weiss, it is my feeling that you and I need to talk. One woman to another.
Ingrid: Out of our way, schwarze bitch! I am the cream of the gene pool! You and your kind are the scum in its filters! If you will not move then I shall swat you aside like the black bug you...
(Ingrid throws a punch at Dhalua. Dhalua, face utterly calm, catches Ingrid's fist in her right Atomic-Knuckled hand. And squeezes.)
(Dhalua throws a full-body left cross, with visibly complete follow-through, while pulling Ingrid into the punch by her captured fist.)
Ingrid: *ukkkh*
(Ingrid collects herself on the ground. Dhalua, facing away, stretches her knuckles.)
Ingrid: *pfaa* You... you black whore... you...
Dhalua: I am Dhalua-Omotu-Strong, Princess of the Ozu. You have transgressed against my husband. Against my family. Against me. Get up.
Ingrid: Wh-who do you think you are? Who do you think you are to order me? I'll...
(Ingrid charges Dhalua. Dhalua backhands her to the ground again without looking at her.)
Dhalua: I am Dhalua-Omotu-Strong, Princess of the Ozu. Get up.
Ingrid: *unngh* I-I'll kill you for this. I'll kill you. My blood is stronger, purer! It's the Sang-Real, it is the true blood...
Dhalua: Yes. And it is on your clothes. And on my hands. And on the floor. Miss Weiss, I do not believe you have yet understood the trouble you are in. I do not believe you understand just who you have offended.

  • And Tom Strong himself defeating his archenemy for the final time in the first issue of his series.
  • In issue #17 Tesla Strong's boyfriend, who until recently lived in a volcano with his own people, gets one in a space mission to stop an Alien Invasion of giant ants.

Val: Ha! Val Var Garm can kill these little ants, they nothing are like!
Tesla Strong: "Like they are nothing." Val, I said before, these aren't little ants.
Val: It's not matter. Ants big, ants little, Val burn them in fire.
Tesla Strong: Uh... Val, look, maybe we should leave this stuff to dad.
Tom Strong: Hey, let your boyfriend talk, Tesla. Let's hear where he's going to find a fire he can control out here.
Val: (gestures to the sun) "Duh." Is right- that what you say?


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