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Tom the Dancing Bug is a weekly satirical Comic Strip by Ruben Bolling (Pen Name for Ken Fisher). It mostly deals with current events in American politics from a liberal viewpoint, but sometimes it also ventures out into straight-up Post Modernism and/or absurdist humor.

The comic features a wide range of recurring characters and segments of which the most notable are:

  • God-Man: Grandpa God as a Superhero. His solutions to His problems tends to be either overly complex or simple and, quite often, not all that well thought out.
  • Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer: An Affectionate Parody of Tintin, which parodies Action Adventure Tropes.
  • Lucky Ducky: A Duck who despite being poor and often going without job or home, always manages to unintentionally enrage his Arch Enemy and Unknown Rival, the obscenely wealthy businessman Hollingsworth Hound, who views any joy in his life, no matter how small, to happen at the expense of the rich.
  • Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Parodies the Sunday funnies.

This comic contains examples of: