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Toon Heads was a classic anthology series that aired from October 1992 to November 2003 on Cartoon Network. Always aired late at night, this program would show a large variety of rare classic cartoons from many studios, from the Warner Bros. and MGM cartoon catalogs to more obscure studios like Fleischer Studios. The cartoons were almost always aired uncut and uncensored, which allowed this program to show many cartoons that were taboo for daytime television, like such wholesome fare as "The Ducktators" and "Blitz Wolf", and was supplanted by classic cartoon trivia and rare interviews with Golden Age veterans, all of which were narrated by Leslie Fram. The program was a hit, running for 82 episodes, and had two hourlong specials and one half-hour special which was never aired.

The program as we remember it no longer exists, ending in November 2003, with a Christmas Special aired in 2005. Two additonal specials called "Toonheads: The Lost Cartoons" and "Toonheads: The Wartime Cartoons" were made but so far, only the former is on DVD; included on Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 1.

The good news is, it still lives on to this day, via the website called Toon Heads TV, although it only shares the name and the same purpose of the show—to give exposure to obscure, old cartoons.

Tropes used in Toon Heads include:

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