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File:Heaveniminheaven 4184.jpg

Top Hat is a 1935 Screwball Comedy Musical starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and is often cited as the most successful production in their joint career.

Jerry Travis (Astaire) is an American dancer who comes to London to star in a show produced by his friend, Horace Hardwick. There's a mix up at their hotel and they move to a larger suite and share it. During the night Jerry begins to loudly sing and dance about how he loves to sing and dance, disturbing Dale Tremont (Rogers) in the room below. Horace goes to talk to the management after their room is phoned and Dale confronts Jerry in the room upstairs, only for him to become instantly infatuated with her. She leaves angry and Jerry silently serenades her to sleep with a sand dance. In the morning, Dale goes to the front desk to find out the name of the man in the room above her and they say it's Horace Hardwick, the husband of Dale's friend, Madge.

Hilarity Ensues as Dale continues to mistake Jerry for Horace, as he continues to win her admirations. Then it turns out that Madge has been trying to set up Dale and Jerry for a while.

Digitally remastered versions of the films have been released to DVD over the years and a stage production toured the UK in 2011, which received positive reviews. The production is planned to go to Broadway in the US in mid-2012.