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Take Grand Theft Auto, combine it with Max Payne, add in a ton of action movie tropes and Mexican stereotypes, and you pretty much have Total Overdose. The game might not be original, but it sure is funny as hell.

The plot involves the DEA, some Mexican gangsters, and drugs. Fill it out if you want but who cares about the plot, anyway? We're here to blow up cocaine burrito stands!

Total Overdose was created in 2005 by the Danish game company Deadline Games. A slightly more linear version was released for the PSP the next year, called Chili Con Carnage.

Tropes used in Total Overdose include:
  • Badass Spaniard—er, Mexican
  • Bullet Time
  • Car Fu: You can do a Bullet Time-style dive out of a car before it crashes into something.
  • Casual Danger Dialog
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Plenty in cutscenes, even the opening: Ram sorting through weapons in the back of a pickup truck outside a drug farm where gangsters are loading up huge blocks of product. He kicks open the gate, carrying every single weapon in the game piled up in his arms (parodying the Hyperspace Arsenal), exchanges glances with everyone in the compound (including the chicken), spits out a stick of dynamite, drops all weapons except dual sawed-off shotguns, then opens fire—cue Molotov's "Que no te haga bobo jacobo".
    • When breaking into the Vergilios to make a truce with them after gunning down hundreds over the first half of the game, and blasting dozens more on the way in, Ram slides down a zip line, with the opportunity to score triple head-shots on the way, and falls ass-first through a skylight onto a table surrounded by the gang's lieutenants, who immediately turn their guns on him.

Ram: Gentlemen...I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse!"