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File:Treehouse TV - Logo 6829.jpg

You're watching Treehouse!

Treehouse TV is a 24/7 television network available only in Canada, targeted at preschool-age audiences. It essentially serves as a Canadian version of Nick Jr., but with rather more variety. They also air programming found on either Playhouse Disney or PBSKids in the United States, or in some cases, that doesn't air in the U.S. at all. Treehouse TV is owned by Corus Entertainment, the same company that owns Nelvana, which means that Treehouse's lineup is dominated by Nelvana programming. If you live in the United States, you may have seen Treehouse's logo on recent DVD releases of certain programs, or as a production company logo at the end of a program. Treehouse has also recently released a series of personal care products (shampoo, lotion, etc.) featuring their logo and Nelvana characters, though at this time these are marketed only in Canada. No Export for You, unless you choose to do it yourself. There are online Canadian stores that will sell them to you, though don't expect to get off cheaply.

Shows on Treehouse TV With Pages on TV Tropes Include: