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Two Minutes of Hate is the practice that people in a certain group are allowed, encouraged or compelled to express their hate against the enemies, mostly defined by the governmental body of the group, while criticizing such practice or the group is discouraged, disallowed or forbidden. While there are different types of "group", the trope is to describe the practice launched and maintained by the government.

The purpose of practicing Two Minutes of Hate, from the politicians' point of view, could be enhance the capability of controlling people, manipulating people's cognition, delivering the propaganda for demonization, along with possibly other purposes which benefit said politicians but not the people. (Well... From the cognition-altered people's point of view, the practice benefits them as well)

While the practices is often seen launched and maintained directly by the government, the practices can also be launched and maintained by the cognition-altered people themselves with or without the government's directly involvement.

This trope is Truth in Television. The more authoritative the government is, the more frequent and intense the Two Minutes of Hate practices.

If the practice including purposely damaging the target physically and/or mentally, it is Interactive Two Minutes of Hate.

Examples of Two Minutes of Hate include:


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  • The origin of the fictional version of this trope depicted in George Orwell's fiction was based on a real-life custom during World War I. Essentially, the British Army would have their own two minutes of hate at times directed at the enemy for the purposes of raising morale against the enemy. Nineteen Eighty-Four would simply be a fictional adaptation of this logic.