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Here is the scenario which a person or people are put in the situation which they are incapacity to prevent themselves from suffering from abusive actions. There is another person or people know their situation and attempt to help them. However, they claim that they are fine and they don't need help. The statement, however, is revealed to be against their will.

Such statement is often made in such situation: 1) if they declare that they are not fine and they need help, they would suffer from worse situation, mostly as a punishment. 2) The attempted helpers are considered by the victims as completely incapable to help them, incapable to help them timely or incapable to help them effectively.

It is Truth in Television, and the trope could be applied to any victims of every possible abusive actions, which includes abuses ranging from family issues to Two Minutes of Hate.

Examples of We Are Fine and We Don't Need Help include:


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  • In Mysteries of Fence, The Protagonist, being trapped in the "Internet Addiction Treatment Center", is selected as interviewee of an non-local reporter and is told not to express the mistreatment in the center. It is revealed that if The Protagonist chooses to tell the reporter the truth, she will be subjected to intense torture which driven her to madness and the reporter will be killed by the "car incident".

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