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This a Just For Fun page

When two or more existing tropes are combined (via addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.) to make a different but somehow related trope.

Compare Rebus Bubble, X Meets Y, and Mix and Match.

Some of the basic building blocks for trope equations:
+ = "and", "with"
| = "or"
- = "not", "without"
x = "is"
~ to the left of the trope means that this indicates usage of Tropes Are Flexible for that trope.
⇒ (in place of equals) the left side always makes the right side true, but the right side doesn't make the left side true.

This list is alphabetized by the end result. Please put new tropes in the appropriate spot.

Examples of Troperithmetic include:
  1. This is true despite the clear violation of Fermats Last Theorem.