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This a Just For Fun page

This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to certain tropes that will never be agreed upon by the community, either due to being absolutely universal, pointless, far too subjective, Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, or The Same but More.

Compare Lousy Alternate Titles for titles that will never happen.

Too Universal / People Sit on Chairs


Tom Siddell: It's when a character says something to another character in a story, and then later a different character says a thing that has nothing to do with that other thing.


"Alright, I see your quarter and raise you a stick of gum."
"Ooh, high roller!"


Too Obscure/Bizarre

Too Specific

Complaining About Shows You Don't Like

Too Subjective

The Same but More

X Meets Y Tropes


Silly Puns, Often on Other Trope Names

Too Dangerous

Attracts the "Context" tag

Because somebody is going to disagree.

  • And How
  • Explanation is in my head
  • No Explanation Needed
  • No Points For Guessing
  • Nuff Said
  • That's What Nuff Said
  • That Is All
  • I Would Rather Not Discuss It
  • And That's All You Need to Know
  • Do I Need To Say It?

Attracts Pot Holes

  • I Wish I Was Making This Up
    • I Am Totally Making This Up
  • Oh, and ...
  • Quipping - Because You Fight Like a Cow really shouldn't be the trope's name.
  • So There You Go
  • The - with specific instructions to link to The page every time you use The word "The" on The wiki.
  • Full Stop
  • Well Then
  • I Love You
  • This Is Awesome
  • Overstatement
  • I Know Already!
  • What a Shame
  • The Best
  • The Worst
  • But Why?
  • Think again!
  • Brutal Subversion


  • Seen It Exactly Zero Times
  • Did The Research At The Last Minute
    • Forced Someone To Do The Research For Him
  • Will Never Be Remade
  • Secretly Nonfictional
  • Index Of All Indices That Do Not Contain Themselves (think about it)
    • That's not Unknowable so much as Impossible.
      • Well, it's possible to make, just not to be complete. But how many pages on a wiki can be said to be complete?
  • Tropes That Pass In The Night
  • Tropes in Ultraviolet

Articles That Will Never Self-Demonstrate

Tropes That Will Never Be On Echo Chamber

  1. particles that is, as most other stuff is made of multiple particles.
  2. Actually, there are steps in between. You click "start", and then "shut down" - you click "start" to do a lot of things. You can also use ALT+F4, the shutdown command, etc.
  3. No it doesn't.
  4. Also known as: Needs More Hate
  5. I meant History
  6. Let's assume that any article about self-demonstrating articles does self-demonstrate. Therefore Self-Demonstrating Article is a self-demonstrating article, proving the assumption true. Now, let's assume that any such article doesn't self demonstrate. Therefore Self-Demonstrating Article is not self-demonstrating, and the assumption is again true.
  7. Boxer shorts notwithstanding