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File:Usacres 8305.png

The gang's all here.

U.S. Acres was a strip created by Jim Davis, far better known for his role as the creator of Garfield.

The strip centralized on a cast of Talking Animals who lived together on an unnamed farm:

  • Orson, a pig with an overactive imagination and fondness for books
  • Roy, a prankster rooster
  • Booker, a yellow chick
  • Sheldon, a partially-hatched chick
  • Wade, a paranoid duck who is afraid of everything
  • Lanolin, a really mean sheep
  • Bo, her really kind (but not too smart) brother
  • Cody and Blue, a cat and dog, respectively

While the strip lasted for three years (1986-1989), it is perhaps better-known in its Animated Adaptation in the form of Garfield and Friends. There, it existed for seven years as the "B" in that series's A-B-A format — that's right, the animated version lasted more than twice as long as the strip did!

The strips can be viewed at For tropes present in the cartoon adaptation, see the listing at Garfield and Friends.

Also known as "Orson's Farm" outside the US.

Tropes present in the strip:


 Wade: Who's in there?

Max: You don't know me.

Wade: Are you sure I don't know you?

Max: I don't know.

Wade: You don't know what?

Max: I don't know that you don't know that you know me.

Wade: But how do I know that?!?


 Roy: Okay, Booker. It's time you started rooster training.

Booker: Why?

Roy: Because you need to practice if you want to be like me.

Booker: I'd rather drink pond scum!

Roy: Good! You've got the Obnoxious part down!


 (Bo is staring at the TV.)

Lanolin: What's on TV tonight, Bo?

Bo: Nothing.

(Beat Panel)

Lanolin: (smacks Bo) Then turn it on, stupid.

  • You Wouldn't Hit a Guy with Glasses: A worm invoked the trope to avoid a beating from Booker. Booker was initially proud to have shown "chickens do have hearts" but later banged his head on a tree out of frustration once he remembered "worms don't have eyes".
  • Your Head Asplode: June 9, 1987.
  • Your Mom: One strip featured Booker plugging a hole and then yelling that the worm's mother was a garden hose. When the worm tried to return to the surface, it hit the head on the cork.
    • A later strip had a worm telling Booker his mother swam after garbage scows. Guess what Booker's "Mom", Orson, was ready to do at the end of the strip?
    • Feeling bored, Wade told Cody his mother had fleas so Cody would chase him away.