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Ultraman Geed is an 2017 tokusatsu series created by Tsuburaya Productions, the 29th entry in the Ultra Series and preceeded by Ultraman Orb. It is currently being simulcast by Crunchyroll.

During his latest uprising against the Ultramen, Belial was able to occupy the Earth and detonate a dimensional bomb that destroyed the universe itself. Yet the universe was revived by an unknown power, and life on Earth continued as before, with the Ultramen who opposed Belial fading into rumour and memory over the following years.

Riku Asakura is an innocent young man who believed himself to be an ordinary human. But when a giant monster suddenly attacks his home city, he discovers that his blood contains the "B Factor" that marks him as a "son" of Ultraman Belial. Disregarding his bloodstained legacy, Riku learns to combine his own strength with the "Ultra Capsules" containing the powers of his Ultraman predecessors, fusing them together and becoming the heroic giant known as Ultraman Geed.

Riku soon finds out the monsters are targeting humans who carry "Little Stars" within their bodies, granting them supernatural powers. With the aid of mysterious swordswoman Raiha Toba; his best friend Pega; Woman In Black (and childhood friend) Moa Aizaki; and Reito Igaguri, an ordinary office worker who becomes the new host of Ultraman Zero, Riku fights to defend the peace of Earth while figuring out just what it means to be an Ultraman

Ultraman Geed provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Book Ends:
    • The series begins with Ultraman King's sacrifice by reversing the damage caused by Belial in the Crisis Impact and ends with Belial's defeat led to Ultraman King being restored back to his physical form, along with the universes Belial destroyed.
    • The series in general would be the last time Zero and Belial cross each others' paths, which goes back all the way from Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legends.
      • Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legends began with a fierce battle between Belial and Father of Ultra, whom he defeated as he steals the Plasma Spark. In the final episode, Father of Ultra arrives on Earth and takes on Belial Atrocious after the latter defeated his son, only to be defeated again moments before Riku/Geed makes a return.
      • Ultraman Belial's descent into madness begins with him accepting Alien Rayblood's power. His last moments with his son, Geed ends up with Rayblood being expelled from Belial's body in his dying throes.
  • Darker and Edgier: The series seems to have darker elements in its story, close to the ending part of the last series. Then again, Belial is heavily involved in the plot.