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Fridge Brilliance

  • Much like Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Geed, the Ultras used in each of Zett and Geed's fusion forms share something in similar with each other.

  • Alpha Edge (Zero, Seven, Leo): They share a chain of mentor and disciple relationships, with Seven training Leo and then Leo training Zero, who in turn trained Zett. In addition to being trained in terms of physical resilience, they can also perform combination attacks together. Seven and Leo are also the most important Ultras in Zero's life, as the former is his father and the latter is his mentor.
  • Beta Smash (Ultraman, Ace, Taro): Taro is Ace's adoptive brother, and the three are all part of the Ultra Brothers. They also each had a human host they were forced to separate with, either due to massive injury on the former (Shin Hayata) or by personal choice in the latter party (Yuko Minami and Kotaro Higashi, respectively).
  • Gamma Future (Tiga, Dyna, Gaia): They revived the franchise in the late 90's and are officially the first three Heisei Ultras. They are also often placed together during crossovers and popularize the concept of human Ultraman, wherein the human hosts are in control of their Ultraman alter-egos.

  • Galaxy Rising (Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb Orb Origin): A rather self-explanatory case, given that the three Ultras are his predecessors and are part of the New Generation Heroes that come before Geed. In fact, they are three of the four components (the other one being Ultraman Victory) that come up Ultraman Zero's final form, Zero Beyond. Additionally, both Ultras have the ability to draw power from past Ultramen and Kaijus through a collectible device:
    • Ginga: Spark Dolls.
    • X: Cyber Cards in addition to the aforementioned Spark Dolls.
    • Orb: Ultra Fusion Cards (via Orb Ring)/Kaiju Cards (via Juggler's Dark Ring).

  • Gransabered Zero (Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace): They are members of the Ultra Brothers alongside Zoffy, Jack, and Taro.

  • And again, regarding Zett's forms; it's revealed by Kiyotaka Taguchi during an interview that the three forms represent the three eras of Japan's monarchy:
    • Alpha Edge represents the Reiwa era. Ultraman Z in general is the second entry of the Reiwa era, while Zett himself is the fourth Reiwa Ultra after the Tri-Squad, who are the first three Ultras to appear in the first series of that era. Apart from the aforementioned chain of mentorship (Seven to Leo, Leo to Zero, and Zero to Zett), Zero is a Heisei Ultra while his father and teacher are Showa Ultras, they serve as a link between Showa to Reiwa.
    • Beta Smash symbolizes the Showa era as their respective seasons aired in that era. Ultraman is the very series that started it all.
    • Gamma Future for the Heisei era is self-explanatory, Ultraman Tiga is the first installment that revived the Ultra Series in the '90s.
  • Windom and Sevengar are the two Capsule Kaijus appearing in the series redesigned as Humongous Mechas for STORAGE. Matters help that these belong to Seven himself, Zero's father. Windom is his first Capsule Kaiju that Seven used in his home series, while Sevengar is the fourth Capsule Kaiju during his time as captain of MAC.
  • Riku's appearance in the series as a Recurring Character is a callback to Zero in the former's home series. In fact, Zero served as a Stealth Mentor for Geed over the course of his adventures until his discovery of being Belial's son.
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