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 Belial: Who are you?

Zero: Zero, Ultraman Zero, son of Seven!


Ultraman Zero is the main character of a sub-franchise of the Ultra Series by Tusburaya Productions, mainly consisting of films. Zero is the son of Ultra Seven

The Films

Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legends (2009)

Thousands of years ago, the Dark Ultra warrior, Belial rebelled against the Land of Light after gaining the power of Reionyx. Wielding the Giag Battle Nizer, he commanded an army of monsters. Belial was defeated and imprisoned by Ultraman King. Now that Belial is freed, he attacks the Land of Light once again. The Ultras' only hope lie with Rei, the human Reionyx and Zero, an Ultra warrior said to hold unlimited potential

Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial (2010)

A group of Darklopses attack the Land of Light. After they are destroyed, it is discovered that they are transmitting energy to a location in another universe. Zero volunteers to investigate and discovers Belial's Galactic Empire.

Ultraman Saga (2012)

Zero finds himself in yet another universe, defending earth against an alien fleet. He encounters a young pilot named Taiga, who came from the universe of Ultraman Dyna.

Side Stories

Direct-to-video side stories, set between the films, have been produced. The first one, entitled Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero is set between Ultra galaxy Legends and Revenge of Belial. It introduces Darklops as a major enemy. The secone side story, Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar, is set between the second and third films.

Ultraman Retsuden

A television series in which Zero navigates the viewer through the history of the Ultra Series. Most episodes are simply previous Ultra Series episodes with the only difference being a new opening theme and commantary by Zero at the end and beginning of the episode.

Ultraman Geed

Zero returns in this series, coming across the son of his arch nemesis, who later becomes his new friend and ally. However, his host was a salary man with a family. Thankfully it didn't stop him from helping Geed defeat his own father, and creator.

Tropes used in Ultraman Zero include: