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The original Umlaut House was a Furry Comic that started out with grad student Saundra Bifrost's bickersome friend Volair Lee moving in to replace her roommate, their mutual ex-boyfriend Jake Miller, when he begins working for, and before long, seeing quasi-Flamboyant Gay Mad Scientist Rick Hundecoph, whom Volair is tracking in his job as an international spy.

The comic could be said to mix a number of genres. Other characters are:

  • Liz Parker, Volair's partner and general voice of reason. Also the straightest cast member. Really. She swears.
  • Amanda Cartwright - "Queen of weird," Volair's Distaff Counterpart plus some grade points and dignity and minus some international espionage.
  • Calvin Gauss - A nerdy classmate of Saundra's who develops a crush on her.
  • Ascii - You don't want to know. He's an amnesiac android created by Rick, by UH 2 he's gone rogue and is attempting to create a Hive Mind using Eye-Fi's

In 2004, the comic ended after four years, and after some randomness, gave birth to a sequel, UH2, set some time later and moved from grad school to high school, primarily about Volair's son, Jake's daughter, and Rick's protégée. Yes, that's vague, but this is a sequel comic, so for the more detailed character list (aside from, of course, the ones above), spoilers. This strip lasted longer than its predecessor, but it, too, ended, abruptly in 2013.

  • Pierce Lee, son of Volair and Saundra. Recently realized his bisexuality.
  • Rhonda Hundecoph, daughter of Jake and Rick.
  • Eliza, Rick's apprentice.
  • Alice and Lain Gauss, classmates of Pierce and Rhonda, twin daughters of Amanda and Calvin.
  • Alex, a football jock, Pierce's boyfriend.
  • Dr. "Sissy" Sisyphus, a Mad Scientist, target of Rick (well post-Heel Face Turn) and Eliza...the latter in more ways than one.
Tropes used in Umlaut House include: