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This page refers to "Type A" and "Type B" subtypes. These need to be given meaningful names - tentative names have been added to the section headers.

Romantic, isn't it? Don't ask how they can breathe.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

There are two types:

Type A, where the kiss is simply a kiss. Additionally, Type A's can be related to Super Not-Drowning Skills, if it happens to be a very long kiss.

Type B, where the kiss is used to transfer oxygen, sometimes between two guys. Type B's can overlap with Kiss of Life.

Many Type As double as or lead to Type Bs.

Examples of Underwater Kiss include:

Type A - A Kiss is Just a Kiss


  • There was a '90s European commercial for (I think) Levis, where a bunch of mermaids capture a guy and kiss him underwater. I think the punchline is, they can't get his Levis off because of the double-stitching, so they let him go.[please verify]

Anime and Manga

  • There's an underwater kissing scene in Macross Frontier. Although it's a scene in a movie shoot. Alto and Ranka are very flustered by having to perform it and Ozma outright called the movie "tasteless".
    • That underwater kiss was actually them filming The Movie of the events of Macross Zero, complete with an almost frame-by-frame recreation of the scene in question. Speaking of which, that scene was actually a Type B of this trope.
  • An episode of the anime that Lt. Clouseaux was watching in the Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid OVA featured this... until Kurz got a hold of them and replaced them with footage of two pigs kissing. Clouseaux was not amused.
  • Nagisa and Shizuma do this in Strawberry Panic (see picture).
  • Hagino and Mari do one in the Blue Drop anime.

Comic Books

  • Superman: Clark Kent and Lori Lemaris had kissed a few times underwater. Clark can't drown and Lori's a mermaid so it makes sense.
  • In W.I.T.C.H., Cornelia and Peter share an underwater kiss after he saved her from being pulled under.


  • Across the Universe: There's one, though it's during a Disney Acid Sequence with literal acid.
  • Piranha 3D: In that vein, there is the underwater nude ballet scene, where Page Three Stunna Kelly Brook and porn star Riley Steele dance naked underwater to an Italian aria.
  • Romeo and Juliet: This happens in the 1996 Baz Luhrman film. The balcony scene is instead (partly) a pool scene.
  • Thunderball: In the James Bond gilm, Bond and Domino have sex entirely underwater at one point. Mind you, they had SCUBA gear on.
  • Whip It: There's one set to a rather awesome song.


Live-Action TV

  • Hart to Hart: The one most of us have seen most often is surely the one from the opening titles, right? "When they met, it was moyder!"


  • There's one at the end of the music video for the Katy Perry song "Teenage Dream".
  • In the music video for "For You I Will (Confidence)", Teddy Geiger shares this with Kristen Cavallari at a pool party he is playing at...while she is in her undergarments, no less.
  • The music video for AFI's "Love Like Winter" ends with something extremely similar, albeit in a "Let's drown together" sort of way.

Newspaper Comics

  • Lampshaded in For Better or For Worse. One of the teenagers, I forget which, tried making out with their significant other in a swimming pool but ended up choking as they inevitably took in mouthfuls of water. They came up for air and noted that it's not nearly as romantic in Real Life.

Video Games

  • The first God of War has Kratos doing this with some sea nymphs during an underwater segment.
  • Final Fantasy X has a major one. Yuna and Tidus' first kiss begins with them standing up to their chests in a lake, and then they tip over and go swimming...while making out.
  • In Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, if you take Sakura with you to the pool, you get a CG of this.
  • The kiss between the girl and the blue boy in But That Was Yesterday.

Type B - Share the Air

Anime and Manga

  • Love Hina almost had Naru and Keitaro doing a type B, but because Keitaro is the Butt Monkey it ended up failing.
  • Yuno and Yukki have one that takes place in a huge cloud of poisonous gas, instead of water. That way, Yukki helps Yuno recover after having been tased and poisoned by Reisuke Honjou aka the Fifth. He then passes out afterwards, but this gives Yuno the chance to finish Reisuke and save both of them.
  • In the Detective Conan Non-Serial Movie The Fourteenth Target, Ran shares a Type 2 kiss with Conan to keep him from drowning, though she herself almost drowns.
  • The Excel Saga manga inverts it. Excel and Elgala are drowning in the sewers, and Excel looks like she is about to invoke this trope with Elgala, but instead sucks out her air and leaves her to die.
  • Utena's last scene with Touga in the movie-manga version of Revolutionary Girl Utena involves this.

Comic Books

  • Star Wars: Kit Fisto breathes for Aayla Secura this way.
  • During the aftermath of "World War Hulk", Hercules had to hold up a part of Manhattan while underwater. Namora breathes for him this way, although Herc later admitted that he could hold his breath for the entire duration.
  • There was this infamous Ho Yay case with Iron Man and Captain America (comics) when both Captain America is unconscious from poison gas and needs oxygen. Iron Man helps him get it, even at the risk of breathing in the gas himself.
  • Ethan and Ashleigh's first kiss in Scion was this type.


  • Used in Tomorrow Never Dies between James Bond and Wai Lin.
  • Waterworld
  • In the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration with Leon and the other lead girl (not Claire). Leading her last line to Leon along the lines of "lets go scuba diving again".
  • In Splash, while trying to start a boat's engine Tom Hanks' character is knocked overboard and falls unconscious underwater. Darryl Hannah's mermaid character swims up and kisses him. On YouTube starting at 1:00.
  • In Hook, Peter is rescued from drowning by a trio of sparkly mermaids.
  • The Transporter steals the last breath of the Mook who fell into the water with him. Jason Statham got no end of ribbing from the production crew for the Foe Yay.
  • Paul Newman performed Type B on Richard Jaekel in the film Sometimes a Great Notion when Jaekel's character is trapped in rising water by a log. Jaekel's character eventually panics and drowns. Unpleasant.
  • Lara Croft does this on her rival Alex West in Lara Croft Tomb Raider after he got shot.
  • In the Hellboy animated movie Sword of Storms, Abe Sapien saves Liz this way after their plane crashes in the ocean. Abe later admits he didn't know if it would work.
  • In Cutthroat Island Morgan gives William a kiss whilst he's pinned behind some crates in the flooded hold.
  • Jason Bourne attempts to revive Marie this way after their car crashes off a bridge in The Bourne Supremacy. It doesn't work.


  • In Flora's Dare, Lord Axacaya pulls this on Flora. The age difference makes it distinctly squicky, especially with some of the other subtext.
  • Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast has the mermaid Undine save and kiss the heroine Christine...for Christine to open her eyes to see that they've Body Swapped.
  • It's quickly glossed over and Daphne does not seem to remember it, but there's a part in Nation where Mau saves Daphne from drowning using this trope in the process.

Live-Action TV

  • In Heroes, Alex (whose power is breathing underwater) kisses Claire to give her oxygen.
  • Xena and Lao Ma, when the former is hiding in the latter's pool.
  • Fraser "buddy breathing" with Ray K in a sinking ship. Given his dumbfounded expression, I'm sure Ray thought the same way.

Video Games

  • The oxygen machines in Mother 3 are just robots... but they resemble mermen with pompadours who "kiss" you to fill up your oxygen.
  • One of your (female) sidekicks in the Xbox game Galleon (Spiritual Successor to Tomb Raider) does this to replenish your oxygen while swimming.

Web Comics

Web Original