Things I'm not going to tolerate on All The Tropes' Wikia/FANDOM Branch

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Recently, I gave All The Tropes' Wikia/FANDOM branch a severe overhaul to put it on more equal footing with its Miraheze branch, and more updates will occur after the Unified Community Platform update. In the meantime, I have been ruthlessly cleaning out clutter and other garbage, and I want to make a clear list of things I no longer want to see.

  • WIKIA POLICY WHINING. One can reasonably disagree with the decisions they make, but once they declare them final, even I'm not above the rules and will do my best to accommodate them. They say jump, I ask how high. I'll make all sorts of reasonable effort to prevent censoring legal to discuss to content, but if I absolutely must for legal or technical reasons I cannot overcome, they make the rules.
  • UNLICENSED IMAGES. I have a zero-tolerance policy of these, there is even scripting in place to prevent it. Upload it under a proper license or it gets removed.
    • On a related note, this is NOT an image dump. Images get used for articles or they don't get posted. If you want to put it in a post as an example of something or on your sandbox/user page, you still need to license it.
  • PLAGIARISM. Don't be a lazy douche stealing from Wikipedia, TV Tropes, or anywhere else. I will check, and if caught, I will show no mercy to plagiarists.
  • PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGERY. Wikia already has a zero-tolerance policy on this. If it is ABSOLUTELY essential, censor it appropriately (like a full-body profile image). Otherwise, any pornographic images or movies will be banned without appeal and the person responsible indefinitely blocked.
  • TROPING WITH ONE HAND. We allow discussion of pornographic media because it's legal to do so. However, we aim to keep it out of the gutter beyond what is absolutely essential to describe it. Writing about what you found arousing is not allowed. State what happened as drily and dispassionately as possible or don't post. Offenders will be blocked indefinitely.

Example: Two people in a work have sex in a public toilet, you can mention that. Don't go into graphic detail about what they were doing in said public restroom, unless it was plot relevant. Even then, keep it as clean as possible and state the bare minimum, don't use the shield of plot relevance to write material suitable for a porno simply because you can't restrain yourself.

  • POSTING IRRELEVANT NONSENSE. ATT is not a scratchpad, where you can post random garbage, off topic stuff, spam, or anything not in our mission statement. If you defy this, it gets deleted and you will be blocked.
    • This includes pages without proper markup.
  • TROPING TOPICS NOT ALLOWED TO BE TROPED. Some pages are stripped of examples on purpose and we don't allow them because they caused us too much hassle. For example, Complete Monster examples became such a hassle they got moved here. Don't trope these on pain of indefinite block.
  • PLAYING THE AUTISM CARD/EMOTIONAL NONSENSE. This is not a place to cater to the mentally ill. I have autism myself, but I know right from wrong, and since you legally have to be thirteen to even use this place, that is expected of everyone else. Raging out, spewing threats of death and bodily harm, and other abusive crap will be ignored and the person responsible blocked.

Respectful, reasoned criticism and dissent is still allowed, but if you go out of your way to want to see me have a Bloodier and Gorier demise, expect a block.

  • EDIT WARS. If there is a dispute over something, CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN'T SETTLE IT BETWEEN YOURSELVES. I exist as a mediator. Anyone who neglect to do so and keeps edit warring is just as much at fault as the other party, and I will punish as I deem fit for said offense.
  • SOCKKPUPPETS/MEAT PUPPETS: Both disgust me, especially to ban evade. Either except a ban like a mature person and wait it out if it's not permanent or it gets upgraded to permanent and I will wage a crusade to get your socks all banned and you thrown off Wikia. Anyone editing on behalf of a banned person is just as guilty and will get the same regard.

Will add to this list as more things come up.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.
  • Before making a single edit, Tropedia EXPECTS our site policy and manual of style to be followed. Failure to do so may result in deletion of contributions and blocks of users who refuse to learn to do so. Our policies can be reviewed here.
  • All images MUST now have proper attribution, those who neglect to assign at least the "fair use" licensing to an image may have it deleted. All new pages should use the preloadable templates feature on the edit page to add the appropriate basic page markup. Pages that don't do this will be subject to deletion, with or without explanation.
  • All new trope pages will be made with the "Trope Workshop" found on the "Troper Tools" menu and worked on until they have at least three examples. The Trope workshop specific templates can then be removed and it will be regarded as a regular trope page after being moved to the Main namespace. THIS SHOULD BE WORKING NOW, REPORT ANY ISSUES TO Janna2000, SelfCloak or RRabbit42. DON'T MAKE PAGES MANUALLY UNLESS A TEMPLATE IS BROKEN, AND REPORT IT THAT IS THE CASE. PAGES WILL BE DELETED OTHERWISE IF THEY ARE MISSING BASIC MARKUP.