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Ben Schrider

The onwer of a sports store in Rustvale with a right prosthetic leg.

  • Actually Pretty Funny: When he finds out that Bill lied to him about being Jimmy Fitzsimmons, instead of being angry at his deception which caused him to falsely accuse an innocent (albeit incredibly probelmatic) child of theft, he laughs it off and basically burries the hatchet with Bill.
    * Ambiguously Jewish: He is bald, wears spectacles, and has a yiddish voice, yet it is never stated if he is a Hebrew man.
    * Everyone Has Standards: While he has absolved Bill for robbing him at that point, he is utterly shocked at seeing Big Bill abuse his grandson.
    * Handicapped Badass: Downplayed as loosing his prothetic leg makes him unable to catch up to Bill and Phillip when they rob his store.
    * Jerkass Has A Point: A somewhat unsympathetic man though he may be, anyone would be mad if someone else tried to rob them of something that's not rightfully theirs.
    * Lack Of Empathy: When Bill tells him why he can't afford a hockey stick, he just pitilessly fires back at him by mentioning his dismembered leg.