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Goddesses, descend on the field of battle!


In a future not too far from our own time, a new sport has arisen: Variable Geo, a grand championship tournament that determines who is the strongest waitress in the world. And not just any waitresses, but bosomy creatures capable of immense energy blasts and trained to full mastery in the most esoteric arts of combat. The winner of the annual competition gets ten million dollars and a chunk of prime real estate in the city of her choice. The losers are subject to a form of Cool and Unusual Punishment ranging from simply having to strip naked, to public masturbation and worse.

Although at first a blatant copy of Street Fighter with a H-Game twist, the series went on to develop a surprisingly detailed storyline, in which the Jahana corporation, the financial sponsor of the VG tournament was revealed to be secretly using it to further its own end. The characters also became incredibly developed for their time, and the series garnered a distinct cult following, enough to garner a three-episode OVA series.

The games in the series are:

  • VG: Variable Geo - The first game in the series, a blatant Street Fighter clone in which the player chooses one of six battling waitresses and fights against the other five in order to achieve glory for their chosen girl (and steamy H-sequences of the losers for the player themselves). Introduced the general premise, as well as the first six playable characters, all of whom have stuck around for every single incarnation of the series.
  • VG 2: Bout of Cabalistic Goddess - Direct sequel to the first game. Reimi's childhood rival decides to hold her own VG tournament and calls out the fighters from the previous game so she can beat them all and prove to Reimi once and for all that she's better than her in every way.
  • Advanced VG - Rejects the canon of the previous two games, and can be likened to an Remake of the first. Introduces an updated battle system, as well as the series' overarching plot in which the waitresses, especially Yuka and Reimi, are being manipulated from behind the scenes by Reimi's mother Miranda, who is using them all as test subjects in order to grow herself the ultimate fighting machine. Was the first VG game to be ported to home consoles, including the Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, and Super Nintendo (As Super VG), although the latter two ports had the H-scenes removed, and the Super Nintendo version also had any and all bosses removed.
  • Advanced VG 2 - Direct sequel to AVG. Focuses on the new character Tamao Mitsurugi, a Hero Worshipper who wants to be just like Yuka, her idol. She winds up befriending many of Yuka's old rivals, and finds out that Yuka has been suffering from extreme self doubt after watching K-1 and K-2 getting offed by their boss due to their failure to defeat her in the previous tournament. After re-igniting Yuka's fighting spirit and overcoming Miranda's Psycho for Hire, Saki Shindou, Tamao and Yuka are pitted against Miranda's latest Designer Babies, the Material twins, after which Tamao beats Miranda herself and the AVG saga climaxes with everybody coming together to create a Combined Energy Attack that finishes off Miranda for good.
  • VG Custom - An Remake of AVG utilizing the grapical and sound enhancements of AVG2, while using enhanced versions of the H-scenes from VG II.
  • VG Rebirth - The player takes the role of a reporter hoping to do a story on the latest VG tournament, during which he is paired with one of three girls from the previous games.
  • VG Neo - To date, the last installment of the series and may very well be its Distant Finale. Another Visual Novel in which the player takes on the role of one of several new fighters hoping to make their way to the top of the fighting waitress circuit.

The series has spawned two OVA series, one loosely based on Advanced VG/Super VG, in which Miranda is already deceased and attempts to use Satomi, and eventually Yuka, to pull a Grand Theft Me and secure a suitably powerful body for her soul. The second is very loosely based on VG Neo and features the new waitresses getting together on a large luxury cruise ship and beating the tar out of each other in the hopes of getting a shot at "Misty", who is speculated to be Yuka in a Paper-Thin Disguise.

Tropes used in Variable Geo include:

The OVAs provide examples of: