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 Everyone's a hero in their own way

Everyone has villains they must face

They're not as cool as mine

But folks, you know it's fine

To know your place...

    • Given how unnecessarily brutal he is to Doctor Horrible (he could probably have stopped him without grabbing him by the neck and slamming his head into a van or throwing a car at his head) and the fact that he tries to murder Dr. Horrible in the end (granted, Horrible intended to murder him first, but two wrongs don't make a right), one could perhaps argue that Hammer is also a villain anyway. That would make Everyone's A Hero a straighter example of this trope and A Man's Gotta Do an unusual case of a villain song started by one villain and then hijacked by an opposing villain (since Horrible starts it and Hammer takes over).
    • And the two versions of the Bad Horse Chorus.
    • It can be argued that every song in Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog is a Villain Song except for 'Caring Hands' and 'Penny's Song' (both of them being sung by Penny). 'My Freeze Ray' is somewhat on the ropes, it's more about love, but it has it's more sinister lines, plus it's sung by the anti-villain anyways. So They Say is similar in that the majority of it isn't evil, though Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible both have lines in the song.
  • Played with in New Kids On The Rock's Ryan's Christmas Wish: The Large Ham villain The Misery Meister gets his own jaunty alliteration-filled villain song (which occurs about 5:44 into this clip), but the flashiness is limited to intentionally stiff dancing, tossing rag dolls around, and menacingly wielding a small meat grinder, and after a verse we flash forward two minutes later to the very ending of the song.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, Yami Marik has Villain, an ode to his victims, sung to the tune of Enrique Iglesias' Hero. Outside of the main series is the Bad Romance parody "Leather Pants", in which Marik and Bakura sing about their plot to... steal Yugi's trousers.
  • The Musical Episode of Princess Tutu Abridged has "The Ravens Attack", sung to the tune of "The Court of Miracles" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In addition, Kraehe gets a bonus song on the downloadble soundtrack actually entitled "Villain Song", to the tune of "Be Prepared".
  • A Very Potter Musical has the upbeat, show-stopping "Dance Again", in which a newly reborn, shirtless, sexy Voldemort tap dances and leads a deatheater kickline. Voldemort and Quirrel also have the duet "Different As Can Be" where they sing about what an Odd Couple they are as a pair of villains, and a cheerful reprise after they've done some serious bonding.
    • In "Get Back To Hogwarts", Draco's verse is about how he's going to replace Harry as the most popular kid in school. Not exactly villainous, but still antagonistic.
  • Someone created a Filk Song of Magneto and Xavier singing Defying Gravity from Wicked, in which Magneto abandons Xavier's plans for peaceful coexistence with humans. It's somewhere between this trope and an "I Want" Song. Quite awesome.
  • The fan-song "Pyramid Head's Lament" is about the Silent Hill villain's depression over negative fan reaction to his appearance in Silent Hill Homecoming. It is awesome.
  • Edward's song in Twilight the Musical with the notable line "I'll show you anaphase when I rip you in two." Way better than the actual Edward!
  • Film Cow's "Make Me Smile", sung by a psychotic anthropomorphic ferret definitely counts. It's a cheerful, jaunty tune that features holocaust denial, a pro eugenics attitude, molestation, murder and cannibalism. It's absolutely hilarious.
  • The extended version of the The Electric Cheese Youtube Poop Robotnik gives Sally the AIDs adds the songs "Still Monitor His Every Move" and "Make Sure He's Finished", both performed by Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik by way of Stupid Statement Dance Mix.
  • The Phoenix Wright Musical Project gives one to the villians each given an entirely different sort of Villain song. Edgeworth's, Decree of the Prosecutor, is similar to a BSOD Song. Redd White's, Redd White and You, is boisterous and catchy. While Manfred VonKarma's, Anything to Win, is grim and epic.
  • Dr. Heiter's Villain Song in Human Centipede the Musical is the means through which he explains how the titular centipede will be created.
  • Dr. Strangeglove's Music Video from the online networking site, "Moshi Monsters".
  • The Joker's song by Miracle of Sound.
  • Dragon Ball Abridged has a surprising number of villain songs, considering that the source material isn't a musical.