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Weekend At Hisaos's is a Katawa Shoujo fanfiction written by themocaw. Set a few months after Shizune's Good Ending, it tells that story of Shizune and Hisao being reunited in Hisao's hometown for a weekend so that Hisao can introduce her to his parents.

Tropes used in Weekend at Hisao's include:
  • Armor-Piercing Question: "... why didn't you call your friends when you decided to come to town?"
  • Bishonen: Hideaki becomes one as a teenager.
  • Bouquet Toss: Misha catches it, despite originally not wanting to.
  • Brains and Bondage: Shizune engages in it again in one of the H-scenes.
  • Brutal Honesty: Takumi to Hisao, regarding why everyone drifted away from him during his time in the hospital. He's somewhat more sympathetic to Hisao than the below quote implies, but this clearly takes Hisao off guard.

Takumi: You were an asshole back then.

  • Call Back:The proposal scene features a piece of veal cutlet bread like the one for which Hisao and Shizune played Rock Paper Scissors; Shizune immediately suggests tearing it in half, though.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Shizune points out early on that she can talk, but she sounds so awkward she has stopped doing it for fear of embarrassing herself. During the proposal scene, her hands start shaking so badly she can't sign, and after accepting the ring, says "I love you Hisao", which he considers, in spite of its delivery, "the most beautiful thing (he's) ever heard".
  • Continuation Fic
  • Crazy Prepared: It is revealed in this fic that Shizune was taking birth control pills for a month prior to the sex scene at her house in Act 3 of her route.
  • Dare to Be Badass: Misha gives Hisao one of these speeches near the end of her phone call to Hisao to convince him to take Shizune to his friends' party and face his remaining demons from that fateful day in the snow.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Shizune fondly remembers her deceased mother.
  • Distant Finale: The wedding, five years later; Hisao set it that far in the future so that they could finish school first.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Hisao's reason for being uncomfortable upon seing his friends again.
  • Do You Want to Haggle?: Shizune (with Hisao translating) haggles with a shopkeeper over the price of a pair of tights that she tries to buy for Hideaki. This seems to be a very common occurence.

Shizune: [Shopping is War. Take no Prisoners.]



  • Going Commando: Shizune in the first chapter.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Hisao's friends method of excusing themselves from their meeting with him at the food court. The fact that they had come there for lunch makes it all the more unconvincing to Hisao.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Misha gives Hisao this warning. It has hints that she's not completely over Shizune, as is common when the loser of a Love Triangle gives it to the winner.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Misha ultimately reaches this regarding Shizune
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Hisao points out that Shizune likes to have sex in places where they might get caught.
  • Mile-High Club: Hisao and Shizune "join the club" on the way back from Lilly's wedding, but Hisao decides it's overrated, especially when the stewardess catches them.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Some found Hisao getting upset over Shizune calling him a "coward" to be this.
  • Parents as People: Hisao sees his parents as people who worked too often to spend much time with him, but notes that they did so in order to allow him to grow up in a nice house, which they would give up to cure him. Shizune is frustrated with her father's persistent attempts to get her to speak, but appreciates his not treating her any differently from Hideaki and sees him as wanting her to succeed.
  • Second Love: Takumi for Iwanako. The two eventually break up and get married to other people
  • Shout-Out
    • Hisao's mother sings a song from Fiddler on the Roof while contemplating how much Hisao has grown up.
    • Shizune's father recites dialogue from The Godfather in the drabbles.
  • Tactful Translation: Hisao takes up this role in Misha's place, doing a notably more graceful job

Shizune: (regarding the Student Council at Hisao's old school) [Amateurs.]
Hisao: [Be nice.]
Shizune: [I am being nice. Still, you, Misha, and I did ten times more work than that, with only the three of us.]
Ryoko: "What's she saying, Hisao?"
Hisao:"Oh. Um. Shizune's saying that our student council was much smaller. It was a lot of hard work."

  • They Do: Hisao proposes to Shizune before she goes back to school. They get married in the Distant Finale.
  • Wall-Bang Her: Hisao and Shizune in the first chapter.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Hisao's reunion with his old friends is awkward at first, especially when they deal with the way he acted in the hospital, but it ends well and they get invited to his wedding.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Shizune calls Hisao out for being a "coward" for being hesitant to see Iwanako again, and Misha calls him out for upsetting Shizune.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Shizune's mother, according to her. Her "touch of iron" comes into play when she argues with her husband for the only time Shizune can remember, over his hiring tutors to get Shizune to speak.