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File:Weekly World News - Cover Art 4800.jpg

Bigfoot Saves Baby From Flaming Camper


 -a typical Weekly World News headline


Tragically defunct (as of August 2007) American absurdist/parody supermarket tabloid. Published deeply weird, tongue-in-cheek 'news' about bizarre 'science', astrology, Atlantis, Big Foot, aliens, Elvis, vampires, the Loch Ness Monster etc. Famous for recurring stories about 'Bat Boy', a pop cultural icon that inspired a hit off-Broadway musical.

Weekly World News defiantly remained focused on its own brand of weirdness when most of its competitors had switched to mindless celebrity drivel, which sadly might account for its decline in popularity and eventual disappearance from the shelves. Another possible contributor to its demise would be the direction the paper was taken after the 2007 buyout, when its sales really went in the toilet.

It survives as a web site, found here, and has recently reappeared as a section in the pages of the Sun (US). A Comic Book is planned for 2010.

A huge online collection of old Weekly World News issues can be found at Google Books

Trivia note: After the National Enquirer switched to color, its publisher started the Weekly World News as a way to keep using their old black-and-white presses.

The Weekly World News provides examples of: