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This trope is "a single new member comes into an established group." As of the addition of this banner, every example lists only the single member, leaving off the group that the member is joining. The groups need to be added.

The standard Premiere plot, which makes up about 75% of TV premieres and pilots, in which a single new member comes into an established group. This gives the writers an easy way to introduce the characters and all the most relevant facts about them as the new member, as ignorant as we are, gathers information. If the group is a workplace, more often than not the new member is a Naive Newcomer.

See also Rookie Red Ranger, Everyone Meets Everyone, One We Prepared Earlier, Debut Queue.

Examples of Welcome Episode include:

Anime and Manga

  • Ranma Saotome in Ranma ½.
  • Yukito in AIR comes into town and meets everyone in the first episode.
  • Sasahara and Kosaka in Genshiken.
  • Linna in Bubblegum Crisis 2040.
  • Naive Newcomer Ai Tanabe in the Planetes anime. The manga starts several months before her arrival.
  • Contrast the above with Noa Izumi of Patlabor. Heck, Planetes is Patlabor IN SPACE!!.
  • Guts in the second episode of Berserk, as the entire anime series is set up as a How We Got Here for the very first episode where Guts is the Black Swordsman, a Demon Slaying, BFS-wielding Badass out for revenge against his former best friend.
  • Ebisu from Ebisu-san and Hotei-san is introduced this way when Ebisu transfers from a corporate city head office to a local suburban branch office.
  • In the very first episode of the Kirby anime, Kirby crash-lands in Dreamland and is introduced to Cappy Town by Tiff, Tuff, Lololo and Lalala and welcomed to it by the Cappies. They even build him a new house for him to live in in the second episode.
  • Hanaukyo Maid Tai. The first episode of each series, as Taro becomes the new head of the Hanaukyo family and meets the mansion's maids.
  • So Ra No Wo To's first episode is about the main character meeting pretty much everyone and walking around the setting.

Comic Books

Fan Works



  • Maze Runner starts with the protagonist having amnesia and being unkindly welcome by the surviving group in the maze.

Live Action TV


  • In both the movie and the original Broadway production of 1776, Dr. Lyman Hall of Georgia is only a supporting character, but his arrival in Philadelphia provides an excuse for the rest of the cast to introduce themselves to him (and to the audience).

Web Comics

  • Chapter One of Everyday Heroes, where Mr. Mighty and family meet the neighbors. Also in Chapter Three, where he finally gets around to meeting the rest of his teammates.
  • In the Whateley Universe, the intro stories for Sara Waite (Carmilla), and then Chou Lee (Bladedancer), as they meet the rest of Team Kimba.
  • Willow, new arrival to Earthsong.

Western Animation