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  • Downfall and Hammered Down.
  • Averted in Kyon: Big Damn Hero. Koizumi absolutely refuses to use his new powers on unwilling subjects, seeking consent before experimenting on them, which makes it difficult for him to practice his powers.
  • Ho-oh from Poke Wars wants Pokémon-kind to live in a utopia. He plans to achieve this utopia by engaging in a genocide against humanity. He later Jumps Off the Slippery Slope by doing things like ordering wanton killing of Pokémon, contrary to his ideals, utterly ruining the environment and not giving a damn about it, and generally being a filthy hypocrite.
  • The Original Character Big Bad from The Man With No Name is this.
  • Red Eye of Fallout Equestria is this, and naturally fits Face Heel Turn too. He started his own personal quest to rebuild Equestria, probably long before Little Pip even found her Cutie Mark, but became so driven to reach this huge goal that he let go of his morals. Soon, he had built up an empire upon the backs of slaves, hired merciless mercenaries to protect his assets, and forged a deal with The Goddess (which he planned to break once he worked out how to become a God himself, and kill The Goddess), who was a genocidal maniac herself. All of the things he did, no matter how horrible, were done to achieve the noble goal of rebuilding Equestria and bettering the lives of its inhabitants.
  • In the Pony POV Series, the second Big Bad, Princess Gaia, Fluttershy's Super-Powered Evil Side, is this. She only wants to create a utopia were no one suffers and everyone is brainwashing everyone into being happy and turning every pony into foals in both mind and body.
  • The Astraea organization in A Cure for Love, especially V. When the original Kira disappears they take it upon themselves to "cleanse the world" in his absence.
  • In Clash of the Elements, Joe Dark THINKS he is one of these, but as Alex points out to him after learning of his backstory, his ends don't really justify the means.