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In your eyes
The light, the heat
In your eyes
I am complete

Peter Gabriel"In Your Eyes"

This is where a character has very unique, "beautiful" eyes. These eyes are one of their main defining characteristics, and many people become enamored with them because of it. Maybe their eyes are an unusual color, or perhaps it's a very piercing, striking hue of a color. Or possibly, their eyes have very pure, untainted emotion inside that other people can clearly see. Whatever the reason, these eyes will be known for being gorgeous and special. In fact, characters will many times come out and tell them that their eyes are beautiful. Occasionally, the character themselves will hate their own eyes because it makes them "different."

"The eyes are the window to the soul" may be a factor.

Warning: Possible sign of a Mary Sue. Be very careful if you want to make that a character trait for one of your own creations.

See also Gaussian Girl, a type of picture that emphasizes the eyes. This trope is the bolder cousin to When She Smiles. The page name isn't meant to imply a threat. Probably.

Examples of What Beautiful Eyes! include:

Anime and Manga

  • Shizuka, Doremi and Dekisuki in Doraemon probably to symbolize their intelligence.
    • Recent anime puts this on Nobita too on the rare case that he doesn't wear glasses. He got it from his mother instead of his father's dotted eyes.
  • Train from Black Cat has yellow, cat-like eyes. In the anime, both Saya and Creed tell him repeatedly that his eyes are so beautiful. And they both fell for him.
    • Though they had quite different reasons and different situations: Saya loved his eyes for the conventional reasons, but Creed loved the eyes that he had as an emotionless, perfect killer.
    • Charden of the Apostles of the Star, a Tao user who can manipulate his blood, usually appears relatively plain in a longcoat, silk top hat and orange-tinted shades. However, the first time Kyoko sees him without his glasses, she says that she would totally fall for him if she weren't already devoted to Black Cat.
  • Sousuke from Full Metal Panic!- see the picture. Although their color isn't unique, he does have big, pretty Gray Eyes, which were especially noticeable when he was a child. Gauron became enamored with him initially because of his eyes. To quote Gauron: "Anyone would say they're beautiful."
  • Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei has Purple Eyes. Muraki constantly reminds him of how much he loves those beautiful eyes, telling him that he fell in love with him at first sight when he saw his eyes in a photo. Tsuzuki, on the other hand, hates them.
    • Hisoka, also, is on occasion told his Green Eyes are 'beautiful but cold'.
  • In Samurai Deeper Kyo, some of Kyo's opponents thought that "Demon Eyes Kyo"'s red eyes were beautiful.
  • Prince Diamond about Sailor Moon.

Prince Diamond: Her eyes ... *So beautiful* ... Sailor Moon ... exquisite.

  • From Monster, Roberto raises the Ho Yay level when he tells Nina: Roberto: You have beautiful eyes. Just like Johan's...
    • Even Tenma comments on how Johan has beautiful eyes.
  • This is why Nanoha decided to befriend Fate in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. She was fascinated by her "beautiful sad eyes" and wanted to help her. But Fate being the bad guy meant she wasn't going to open up and start chatting, so Nanoha decided she would get powerful enough to beat her so that she would tell her why she's sad so Nanoha could fix it.
    • Their daughter Vivio seems to be going down a similar route in Vi Vid with a sparring session that had Vivio commenting to herself about Einhart Stratos' eyes, except they're not quite as aggressive against each other as Nanoha and Fate were... yet. Einhart's disappointed when Vivio doesn't try her hardest during their fight.
  • Yuki Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi. Kyon does mention her eyes at times, often saying they look like liquid helium. In the anime, no other character has so many close ups of their eyes as Yuki. Yeah, she got pretty eyes. Don't ask why Kyon reflects in it, though.
    • Kyon himself, acording to Kuyoh. In fact, the first thing she says in the whole story is remarking on how gorgeous his eyes are.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann doesn't bring attention to Kamina's eyes, but instead his long, beautiful eyelashes, which are gushed over by Kittan's sisters in Episode 4, and arguably parodied in Parallel Works 2.
  • Mihoko of Saki, whose Mismatched Eyes Hisa mentioned to be very pretty when she saw them. "Did you know? Red rubies and blue sapphires are made from the same element".
  • In Black Butler, it's very heavily implied that Undertaker's eyes (which he hides underneath his long bangs) are pretty. Before Grell Sutcliff sees them, she calls Undertaker "dull" and shows very little interest in him. However, after actually looking into them... she gets clingy and asks Undertaker to hug her.
    • As of recent chapters of the manga, many readers will understand Grell's feelings.
    • Apparently, William Spears eyes as well. Considering how enamored Grell is by them, saying that they send chills up her spine.
    • In episode 5 of the second season Alois comments that Ciel's eyes are the same pretty blue color as his ring, which leads to much Foe Yay.
    • Drocell gazes deep into Elizabeth's eyes and says "Your eyes have such tremendous depth and sadness in them. They're incredibly melancholic."
    • In the manga, the Viscount of Druitt comments to an audience when he is trying to auction off a disguised Ciel: "Her eyes are bright and beautiful, the color of the sea, yet with a deep contrasting color of the forest."
  • In Princess Tutu Mytho's eyes are one of the first thing that Ahiru notices. They're also the first thing that lets her know something isn't quite right with him.

Ahiru: Wow, what pretty eyes. It's like they're sucking me in. But, they look so...empty.

  • In Xxx HO Li C, Watanuki remarks on one of his customer's eyes. She's blind, but he still finds her eyes very pretty. When she jokingly asks him if only her eyes are pretty, he politely tells her that the rest is pretty too, of course.
  • In Hunter X Hunter, there's any member of the Kuruta Clan, whose most special (and actually legendary) feature are their beautiful "Scarlet Eyes", which only shows when they experience rage or extreme emotional agitation. These eyes were so beautiful, it got to the point where they were actually hunted for their eyes, which were highly in demand as a collector's treasure. Currently, the only survivor of the clan is Kurapika, who has to hide his eyes using plain contacts so no one knows he's one.
    • On that note, at some instances Hisoka referred to Kurapika's blue eyes as "delicious" and Kurapika's scarlet eyes as "exciting".
  • Recent Naruto manga chapters have some Kisame/Killerbee Foe Yay which includes the two enemies getting really close to each other's faces and Killerbee telling Kisame that he has "pretty eyes". And it's too bad they're pretty because "they'll soon be pretty dead!"
    • This trope is very popular with fanfic authors. Most commonly done with Naruto(beautiful blue/red/purple/whatever the hell color the author thinks up), Sakura(beautiful green eyes), Sasuke/Itachi("onyx" eyes), Ino(same as Naruto, beautiful blue eyes), and the Hyuugas(beautiful white eyes).
    • Or in Hinata's case, lavender.
  • Naoe of Mirage of Blaze once comments on the shining brilliance of Kagetora's eyes.
  • In Immortal Rain, Ys tells Machika that she has "pretty eyes like a blue sky" after she asks him why he was staring at her.
  • Hyakujitsu no Bara: When Taki told Klaus that he won't abandon his people but protect them and stand with them on the battlefield, Klaus said he had 'such beautiful eyes'.
  • Sora from Shitsurakuen went completely NanoFate when Reiko turned her down as a mistress and she saw Reiko's "beautiful, vigorous eyes."
  • Sakurako from Ai Kora. The protagonist, Maeda, is so obsessed with them, he's the first one to notice when something's wrong with them.
  • Sakura Gari: Souma remarks that Masataka has very beautiful honest eyes. It's about at this point that his attraction to him begins. Unfortunately for Mastaka.
  • In Sensual Phrase much mention is given to how startling some people find Sakuya's Blue Eyes. In chapter 2, Aine tells Sakuya "under the glare of the lights, your blue eyes look incredibly beautiful." She then thinks to herself "his eyes are just like the burning stamp of sin." Later in chapter 7 when Sakuya reveals to Aine how his blue eyes are connected to his Dark and Troubled Past ( as he's a Child by Rape and his rapist "father" was a blue-eyed American male), Aine hugs him and reassures him "I love your blue eyes! Beautiful, clear, straightforward...I love them!"
  • In the Jyu-Oh-Sei manga, Tiz gives Thor's beautiful Blue Eyes as the reason for why she claimed him as her husband.
  • In the yaoi manga Under Grand Hotel Sen makes much of Swordfish's eyes. Also, in one scene a barber named Norman pushes Sen's bangs back and asks him, "You wanna try cutting your bangs a little? Your eyes are so beautiful."
  • In Retrace 50 of Pandora Hearts Elliot thinks its a shame that Leo hides his face behind his hair because "his eyes are such a beautiful color".
    • In Retrace 61, Vincent seems to think so as well. "Such a beautiful color... those eyes... that golden light shining in those two pits of darkness... reflects the world that he alone can see."
  • Pilot Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam is commented on for having beautiful brown eyes. Most notably by a potential love interest, Lalah Sune.
  • Brief, in Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt. They're normally covered up by Blinding Bangs, but when pulled up, he looks kinda like a redheaded Leonardo DiCaprio from William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet and manages to make Panty, the object of his desire, want to make him her 1000th fuck (which she eventually does).
  • The thing that makes Tamaki want Haruhi for the Host Club is when he takes off her glasses and sees her eyes.
  • In Natsume Yuujinchou, one of the first things Hinoe does when Takashi Natsume summons her is gush about his eyes... only to immediately retract the compliment and all others when she realizes she's got the wrong Natsume.
  • Yoh of Starry Sky is told that his eyes are beautiful in a flashback during the first episode and in the second episode.
  • In one of the many Ho Yay moments they have Yuki thinks that Luka has pretty eyes in chapter 1 of the Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru manga. Also, Shuusei thinks that Hotsuma's eyes are as fascinating as sparkling gemstones in chapter 9.
  • In Heat Guy J, Giovanni (then a lonely 12-year-old Street Urchin) is found by Don Lorenzo Leonelli and told he has "good, strong eyes" (and thoroughly confused by that statement even into his adulthood). Lorenzo then takes Giovanni home to be a friend/big-brother-figure for his lonely, depressed 4-year-old son.
  • Candy Candy: Anthony, on Candy: "Her eyes... her pretty Green Eyes!"
  • No. 6: In the novels, Shion almost cannot mention Nezumi without talking about how beautiful his stoic, grey eyes are.
  • Togainu no Chi: Akira's eyes. Rin especially seems to like Akira's eyes but he has also gotten comments from others.
  • Marchen Awakens Romance: Said exactly like this to Phantom who is obsessed with Alviss mainly because his eyes remind him of a certain someone. Alviss' Blue Eyes are very similar to his girlfriend's Alma, which explains why he gets complimented so much.
  • Reimei no Arcana: In chapter 23 Gouda touches Nakaba's face and tells her "Even these lively looking eyes are lovely."
  • In episode 3 of D.N.Angel Risa fangirls over Dark "Dark-san's eyes are very captivating. It's like being pulled into his eyes that sparkle like amethysts."
    • And in episode 9 Daisuke thinks about Riku "What beautiful eyes. Harada-san had eyes like that."
  • In Berserk, while sick with a fever from his first encounter with Griffith and the Band of the Hawk, Guts became delirious from a nightmare about his dark childhood trauma, only to be soothed from the nightmares through Casca's (who he did not formally meet other than a brief clash of swords) Intimate Healing. He didn't remember much from this sequence, other than whoever was warming him had "Black Eyes." When Guts and Casca "formally" meet the next morning (with a punch from her), he instantly recognizes her eyes.
  • In Fate/Zero, one of the things that keys Irisviel in about Lancer's identity (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne of the Love Spot) is the "impressive brilliance" of his eyes seems to be accentuated a little too well by that Beauty Mark of his, as if magic had some hand in it.

Comic Books

  • It is often said that Superman has startling blue eyes that could never be mistaken for human. The glasses negate this.
  • Peter Parker has adorably brown eyes. Women often comment that they're like Puppy Dog Eyes.
  • Rogue has very striking green eyes, except for those times where coloring snafus leave them blue or brown.


  • Alpha and Omega: Lily has striking lavender eyes, which no other wolf in Jasper Park has.
  • Beauty and the Beast: The first thing Belle notices about Beast is his blue eyes. This is brought up again about two times later on in the movie.
    • The first thing the audience notices about the Beast are his blue eyes, since the first time we get a decent look at him that's where the focus is.
  • Jokingly told to Manfred by Sid in the first Ice Age movie.

Sid: You have beautiful eyes.\


Manfred: Get off my face!

  • Parodied in Short Circuit 2. Benjamin attempts to use this line (on the advice of his self appointed business partner) but gets it wrong since she has brown eyes and he uses a stock line which specifically mentions blue.
  • Bambi's big, innocent eyes. In fact, it managed to spur the creation of the phrase "Bambi Eyes," which describes someone's eyes as being huge and innocent.
  • In Escape From L.A., the freaky Surgeon General of Beverly Hills looks deep into Snake Plissken's eye and says breathlessly: "What a beautiful blue eye - a pity there's only one..." Granted, since Snake Plissken is where Naked Snake was made an Expy from, it makes sense that this would be something they have in common.
  • In the 2007 remake of Three Ten to Yuma, Ben Wade tells this to Dan Evans' wife while flirting with her. She ends up becoming rather... bewitched by him after he says this to her, which ends with Dan pretty much coming over and getting alarmed about WTF Ben Wade is doing with his wife.

"I know a girl there. She's the daughter of a sea captain. She had the most beautiful, Green Eyes. The greenest eyes I ever saw. Like yours. When I stared deep into them, they'd just change color in front of me. All the colors of the sea."



  • Roland Deschain's eyes are described as preternaturally blue, clear and murderous. They're also too finely tuned to see the picture on a TV screen.
  • Sayuri/Chiyo's blue-grey eyes in Memoirs of a Geisha are given a lot of focus. Many characters describe them as rather startling, that they're the first thing that captures your attention. That they're like "the color of a mirror" and that you could easily see yourself in them.
  • Besides the lightning shaped scar, Harry Potter's most notable and frequently commented on physical trait is his Green Eyes, which he got from his mother, Lily. Pretty much everyone remarks about it.
    • To add to the Harry Potter example, in the epilogue Harry's middle child and youngest son, Albus Severus Potter, is the only one who inherits Lily's eyes.
    • Also of note is the fact that Harry finds Ginny's brown eyes to be very beautiful.
  • Griet's eyes from Tracy Chevalier's book Girl with a Pearl Earring appear to have an entrancing affect on a few characters, all who say something along the lines of: "You have very wide eyes." They're given a lot of attention in the book, also being described as "quite luminous", like "liquid were spilling into them". In the movie version, Scarlett Johansson plays Griet, and her bright green eyes are shown often in close up. They really are very beautiful eyes, to be honest.
  • Bella makes much of Edward Cullen's eyes in Twilight. They're an especially good example because they change color (gold to black) according to how HUNGRY he is...and since his vampire thirst for blood is conflated with his lust for Bella, it sometimes has to do with how turned on he is too.
    • Also, Bella herself is insecure about her big, beautiful, chocolate brown eyes though Edward finds them fascinating. She loses them when she becomes a vampire, but not before she passes them on to baby Nessie.
    • Bella's actress actually did that same thing in Zathura, when their house flying in space picks up a stranded astronaut, and she spends a moment or so gazing into his eyes. Then she finds out later it's her kid brother grown-up from the future. Absolute Squickapalooza.
  • One of the two eugenically-created breeding lines in the Lensman series (run by Sufficiently Advanced Aliens to breed the perfect human) is distinguished by their auburn hair and "gold-flecked, tawny eyes."
  • Darryl in the Young Wizards series has eyes so innocent that it hurts the first time you see them. Granted, he IS an abdal, and being a direct channel for The One would do that to you.
  • David Munger's blue eyes in A.J. Quinnell's Snap Shot not only are described as penetrating but also are responsible of his sex appeal.
  • In The Dresden Files, Harry spends a lot of time describing how ruggedly handsome Marcone is - especially his pretty eyes.
  • He's not described as beautiful, but Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is only ever portrayed through the eyes of others, gets his intimidating glowing red eyes mentioned a lot by the Imperials working under him. His eyes and blue skin, both standard for his species, set him very much apart from the almost exclusively human Empire, and they certainly don't hurt his reputation.
    • Flim, the Con Man who impersonates Thrawn in the Hand of Thrawn duology, mostly uses makeup, but imitates his eyes using "self-powered surface inserts". Just like with the real thing, he is never the viewpoint character and his eyes get mentioned more often than any other feature.
    • In Death Star, there's a Zelosian character, a very human-looking Plant Alien with green eyes described as remarkable and gorgeous. By his love interest, admittedly.
  • In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy slowly finds himself being more and more attracted to Elizabeth, starting with her beautiful eyes. "No sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she hardly had a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes." Along with mentioning them yet again in his conversation with Miss Bingley: "I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow."
  • Anne from Anne of Green Gables. Countless times, her grey eyes have been described as "shining" and "glowing" through the eyes of other people. And in Gilbert's case, he immediately got a crush on her when he first saw her during her first day at school, wanting that girl with "the big eyes that weren't like the eyes of any other girl in Avonlea school" to pay him some attention instead of ignoring him.
  • In The Snow Goose, Fritha is utterly ordinary except for her violet eyes. She is the only one to befriend a crippled artist.
  • Subverted somewhat in Dostoevsky's The Idiot with the character of Mrs. Epanchin — "her gray, rather large eyes sometimes had a most unexpected expression. She had once had the weakness of believing that her gaze produced an extraordinary effect; that conviction remained indelible in her", and she carries on melodramatically flashing her eyes when she tries to have influence over someone.
  • Among other things, Humbert gives a lot of attention to Lolita's beautiful gray eyes.
  • Action Girl Brienne of Tarth is infamous for being ugly... except for her gorgeous Blue Eyes.
  • Garath Bryne chased after an oath breaking Siuan Sanche in The Wheel of Time, ostensibly because he wanted to know why she had broken such a strong oath, but his narration includes several references to her pretty blue eyes which suggest another reason.
  • Many characters in JRR Tolkien's Legendarium are notable for their clear, light filled grey eyes. The fact that Edith Tolkien was a dark haired grey eyed beauty may have had something to do with this.
  • Emma maintains that neither Robert Martin nor any man on Earth is good enough for sweet, perfect, tender-hearted Harriet with her beautiful blue eyes.
  • In the Song of the Lioness series (by Tamora Pierce) much attention/detail is given to Alanna's wide purple eyes.
  • In the Dragonlance War Of Souls trilogy, Mina has amber eyes that are referenced quite often as her most striking feature.
  • Several characters in Beyond the Western Sea think about how beautiful and fascinating Maura's Blue Eyes are.
  • Drizzt Do'Urden's purple eyes fascinate others from the moment of his birth, including his sister, who gets a little too fascinated. They remain one of his most distinctive and remarked-upon traits; even when he's disguised as a surface elf, his eyes stay the same colour.
    • An extra drow example would be Liriel Baenre, whose golden/amber eyes are commented upon - she even catches a ball of faerie fire and turns it a matching colour for fun as a child, to her father's surprise.
  • A Wrinkle in Time: The first time Calvin O'Keefe sees Meg Murry without her glasses, he tells her to go right on wearing them because he doesn't want anyone else to see what "dreamboat eyes" she has. The characters wind up married (although not in that specific book).
  • In The Bible, Leah is described as having "weak" eyes. The word, however, may more accurately be translated as "delicate," "lovely," or "gentle," to present her greatest asset before comparing her to her younger sister Rachel.
  • In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Little Remedios has very pretty Green Eyes. Similarly, one of The Seventeen Aurelianos (Aureliano Amador) also has striking Green Eyes, contrasting with his extremely dark skin.
    • The first thing that Fernanda notices when she sees Mauricio Babilonia is how he possesses deep and soulful Brown Eyes (which the narrative points out as possibly hinting at him being a descendant of the Roma groups that often pass by Macondo.) Subverted in how the effect lasts just for a second and she throws him out of the Buendia home.
  • Similarly to Aureliano Amador, Gertrudis and Juan's son in Like Water for Chocolate is a dark-skinned young boy with stunning Blue Eyes.
  • In Tales of Kolmar, Akhor the Lord of the Kantri has Green Eyes which aren't seen as particularly remarkable by his own Kindred, but humans find them fascinating and hypnotic - "the eyes of a dragon are perilous deep". When he becomes human at the end of the first book he keeps the eyes, and it's repeatedly remarked on that they are still startling, and can show the weight of his long life.

Live Action TV

  • One episode of Criminal Minds had an eye-removing killer, after being arrested, give a very creepy compliment to JJ (AJ Cook) about how beautiful her eyes are.
  • Since Clare's main change in Season 10 of Degrassi was losing her glasses, most compliments to her have had to do with her eyes. First from Alli when Clare was thinking about getting the eye surgery, later that same story her first meeting with future boyfriend Eli was punctuated with him telling her that "she had pretty eyes." Fiona uses the same line when she shows up drunk to lunch with Clare. Aislinn Paul has very distinctive blue eyes.
  • Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke) of Designing Women has really blue eyes with a catlike shape to them.
    • According to Burke's biography, when her mother first saw her eyes, they reminded her of her pet cat, Delta, and thus Delta came to be named Delta Ramona Leah Burke.
  • Parodied in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody when Cody is dating a French girl, with Mr. Moseby as his translator. They're at a loud club, and Cody tells Mr. Moseby to tell his date that her eyes are beautiful. He can't hear, so Cody says it again. Mr. Moseby still can't hear, so Cody says, with the entire club watching, "YOUR EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!" Being the Deadpan Snarker he is, Mr. Moseby reacts as so...

Mr. Moseby: Why, thank you. I like your sweater!

  • In Wizards of Waverly Place, Harper (that is in Alex's body and has a huge crush on Justin) tells Justin that she might faint because he is staring at her with those eyes. David Henrie's eye color is quite ambiguous and really enthralling, as it can be seen from many close-ups.


  • Taylor Swift's song "Beautiful Eyes." The narrator never actually says what makes the eyes beautiful. However, she does repeatedly call them beautiful, and says she'll dream about them.
    • Another Taylor Swift song, "Teardrops On My Guitar," mentions this. The narrator mentions that she hopes the girl Drew likes "Look[s] in those beautiful eyes and know[s] she's lucky..."
    • The very first line of "Stay Beautiful" likens a boy's eyes to a jungle. Evidently, Ms. Swift likes this trope.
  • LeAnn Rimes' "Light In Your Eyes". While most of her other songs don't actually use the trope, they well imply such.
  • The song Your Eyes by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
  • Her Eyes by Pat Monahan.
  • The song If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful, a duet by Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston, implies this between two lovers.
  • Beautiful Eyes by Glenn Lewis. As a matter of fact, he repeats the title innumerable times throughout the song. The narrator says that the beautiful eyes hypnotize him, and make him cry every time he sees them.
  • "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel; the pure, untainted emotion version: "In your eyes/The light, the heat/In your eyes/I am complete..."
  • The song "Pretty Green Eyes" by Ultrabeat, which describes them both as full of "sparkle and light" and "wonder and despair".
  • Celine Dion's song "Falling Into You": "In your eyes/I see ribbons of color/I see us/Inside of each other..."
  • "Prettiest Eyes" by The Beautiful South, the untainted emotion version.
  • "Sparkle" by Cameo: "When I first saw you/You Had sparkle in your eyes/Like the stars at night/In the sky..."
  • Zig Zagged by Elton John's Your Song: "You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue" but "Those are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen"
  • "Bette Davis Eyes" is all about a woman with beautiful eyes, although the song makes clear that this is just one of her attractive characteristics.
  • Amy Lee from Evanescence is known for having beautiful eyes. They are naturally green, though she wears blue contacts at times.

Video Games


Telma: This swordsman of ours has great eyes, honey. They're proud and a feral beast.

  • Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. He's well known for having vivid blue eyes (which glow aqua-green because of his being injected with Mako). This is milked for all it's worth in Advent Children, where there's countless closeups of his gorgeous eyes. Oh, and Crisis Core continues to show closeups of his emotional eyes (no glowing here because this is before he was injected with mako).
    • The glowing eyes thing is a trait shared by all members of Soldier (Shinra's Elite troops/ super-soldiers) due to being injected with Mako to enhance their abilities. The game's villain Sephiroth has them as well, though they just make him look creepy.
    • These Mako eyes are apparently also bewitching for men. As noted by one of Corneo's rapist lackeys that went chasing Cloud (in drag):

Lackey: "Oh your eyes. They seem to... glow. I'm all yours, baby!"


Visual Novels

  • In Kohaku's route of Tsukihime when Akiha goes Yandere, Shiki has to fight her to save Kohaku and uses his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception on her. Her reaction? "What beautiful... blue eyes."
    • Which is actually rather disturbing, since when almost anyone else sees his eyes they're terrified. Which is understandable, because they look pretty much evil.
    • It's less obvious in Tsukihime, since you never get to see Shiki's eyes, but in Kara no Kyoukai, the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" are indeed, quite beautiful.
  • Rin of Katawa Shoujo

She is not particularily pretty except for her murky green eyes which...don't reflect the sunlight at all, but instead absorb all of it within them like deep wellsd


Web Comics

Web Original


Joker: Did anyone ever tell you that you have lovely eyes? I mean, they go well with the rest of your face. It's not like I want to pop them out of your skull and carry them on a key-chain. [long drawn-out pause] It’s a compliment.

  • Naruto of Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show once states that Sasuke has "gorgeous eyes".
  • The Nostalgia Critic's huge blue-green eyes. Lampshaded by the Moulin Rouge review bloopers.

Lindsay: {{[[[It Makes Sense in Context]] very close and very horny}}] Your eyes are so blue!
Doug: I know. I just look at you and...


Western Animation

  • Family Guy: In the episode "Peter-assment" Peter wears contacts to work after his glasses break and his boss is shown looking at him in astonishment saying "I can see your eyes, and your eyelashes. They're beautiful!"

Real Life

  • One of the striking parts of the famous photo "Afghan Girl".
  • Alexis Bledel, Her eyes are one of the few things in colour in Sin City because the director liked them and insisted.
  • Many fans asked WETA how they digitally enhanced Elijah Wood's eyes in Lord of the Rings. They responded, "We didn't". Fangirl squeeing ensued.
    • Dominic Monaghan pranked Elijah by conducting a satellite interview posing as a German talk show host. Several times he discusses Elijah's big blue eyes, culminating with, "You have very big eyes, big blue eyes. Do you think this is the reason why you're successful?"
    • On the Fellowship cast commentary, Sean Astin brings up how his daughter was completely fascinated by them when they first met.
  • Paul Newman. Allegedly, the film version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was made in color because of his (and Elizabeth Taylor's) famous eyes. There's even a song titled, "I Wish I Had Paul Newman's Eyes."
  • One contemporary of Alexander Hamilton stated that "These [Hamilton’s eyes] were of deep azure, eminently beautiful, without the slightest trace of hardness or severity, and beamed with higher expressions of intelligence and discernment than any others that I ever saw…"
  • Judy Collins. Steven Stills wrote "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" about her and his break-up with her.
  • Elizabeth Taylor was known for her violet eyes and was rather commented about it during life and after her passing.
  • Bette Davis was known for having beautiful eyes. There's even a song about them.
  • Amanda Seyfried has very big green eyes that dominate her face. Tina Fey even said she had "Bette Davis eyes" in the directors commentry for Mean Girls. Several different film reviewers have gone further and stated she has "Anime eyes."