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Like most game shows, The Newlywed Game has had its share of bad answers, but some truly take the cake and are either bizzare or simply mind-boggling. The latter instances are what fulfill this trope.

Note: As with the other Game Show pages in What an Idiot!, some of the following contestants and/or couples may very well have given these stupid answers on purpose, while others earnestly try to give a good answer but are stumped or blurt out an answer that in retrospect makes them look bad. That doesn't make them any less stupid, mind you, but instead become far more worthy of being here.

Bob Eubanks (1966-74/1976-80/1985-88/1997-99)

  • 1977: "Where is the weirdest place you've ever had the urge to make whoopie?"
    • You'd Expect: A location, such as "the park", "the hotel lobby", "a restaurant", etc. Or, as Hank replied when asked beforehand, "In the car on the freeway."
    • Instead: Olga says "In the ass" (with the profanity bleeped). Cue the uproarious laughter and Bob trying (in vain) to clarify the question (a location, not a body part), but Olga persisted with her answer and was eventually buzzed-out.
  • "What is your favorite wind instrument?"
    • You'd Expect: Instruments like clarinets, flutes, oboes, or bassoons.
    • Instead: Wally says "Guitar".

Other Versions

  • What's your husband's favourite condiment?
    • You'd Expect: Mustard, ketchup, salt, ect.
    • Instead: We got answers like "pool table" and "karate school".