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Al: Can I get a "Whoa, Bundy"?
[the other Bundys put their hands in a circle]
Everyone: Whoooooaa, BUNDY!


A subset of Operation Blank, where several characters are huddled together to discuss a Zany Scheme. The de facto leader then asks everybody to put their hands in the center, to signify that they're down with the plan. "Ready, on three! One, two, three..." and they all lower or raise their hands in unison, and sometimes Hilarity Ensues. Sometimes there is a Seinfeldian Conversation on when exactly On Three is, ruining the excitement of the moment.

A different version of this trope pops up in sports-related films and movies, where instead of a Zany Scheme, they design a play to set up for a Miracle Rally, usually with only three seconds left to go in the game.

Sometimes comes out of, or leads into, a situation where We All Do It Together.

Examples of Whoa, Bundy! include:

Anime and Manga

  • Many of the Devil Bats' huddles during football games in the anime Eyeshield 21 break with a cry of "Crush them! YA-HA!" "YA-HA!", while in the manga they did the same, but used "kick their asses!" instead. Many of their opponents have similar Whoa Bundy cries.
    • I thought it was "Kill them!" instead of "Crush them!"
  • In Bleach, after the heroes infiltrate Las Noches, Renji calls for a Whoa, Bundy!—something he never got the stoic captain of his squad to do.
  • Naruto: Team Guy gets everyone together after Gai's big speech and puts his hand out for a Whoa, Bundy!. Lee puts his in after a grunt from Gai. Tenten puts hers in, resignedly, after more Gai grunts. Neji refuses. Grunt. No dice. Grunt. Cut to shot of forest as the grunting continues until Neji relents and completes the circle.

Comic Books

  • Used in the origin story of the Fantastic Four when the team and members are named.


  • The Mighty Ducks' "Quack! Quack! Quack!" should[please verify] qualify.
  • Mystery Team does this.[context?]
  • In the first Scooby Doo live action movie this comes up twice: once when Shaggy tries to get the gang to join but only Scooby complies (the others being angry with the rest of the gang at the time), and again at the end when they finally all do it.

Live-Action TV

Western Animation

  • In one episode of The Simpsons, Homer, Moe, Apu and Barney Whoa Bundied when deciding upon the name of their barbershop quartet, minus the hand raising/lowering.
  • Inverted and Subverted in Venture Brothers with "Go Team Venture"...where the titular brothers' catch phrase is uttered, only by them, at the end of a caper and almost always ironically.
    • Double subverted when the original Team Venture does it.
    • They all do it with two fingers raised in a "V," but only the two Venture-brothers do it by touching their V'ed fingers together in a victory celebration after the adventure; meanwhile only the original Team Venture simply raises their fingers when they're about to join together in a battle.
  • Wonder Pets do this after every rescue.