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In the spirit of wiki open sharing, we reveal the one reliable source for true fanon.

Let's face it — Fanon is fun. Sure we don't promote it, but it has to start somewhere.

This is the garden where we plant our Epileptic Trees. What's your silly or not-so-silly pet theory on a story you enjoyed?

A proper wild mass guess has a few key assumptions:

As long as a theory at least sounds like a theory, always assume that it's something meaningful for its writer, no matter how improbable, contradictory or even Jossed it is, so let your hair down and play along with it. But don't let whole pages devolve into Grand Unifying Guesses, overused Stock Epileptic Trees, memes, conversational forums and similar misplaced humour. For ideas, try to solve the plot holes that don't make any sense.

To connect your silly ideas with other works, please see Grand Unifying Guesses. If no Wild Mass Guessing page currently exists for the work you wish to guess about, feel free to add one. Just type WMG / Name Of Show in your html bar, edit the page, and voila! It should appear as an icon on the main page.

Warning: Prolonged exposure to these pages will result in them making sense. Take a break after every half hour of exposure.

Obviously spoilers ahoy. You sort of need to know plotpoints to make a Wild Mass Guess, so you may want to wait until you've seen or read a work before reading the WMG page for it.