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A whole animal universe is man-made, with shops, houses, technology etc. except that animals take the place of people. In some works, all kinds of animals take the place of people; all animals are human surrogates and considered equals to each other. In other works, some animals or types of animals take the place of people while others are considered normal animals. Sometimes, only one species of animal is a human surrogate. There are no humans in the setting, except a Token Human or two.

In some works where some animals or types of animals take the place of people and others are considered normal animals, there are both normal forms and human surrogate forms of one or more animal species.

Can involve Partially Civilized Animals, Civilized Animals, Funny Animals, and/or Petting Zoo People.

May result in Furry Confusion.

Examples of World of Funny Animals include:

Comic Books


  • Disney's Robin Hood plays it straight with most of the characters except Sir Hiss. Then again, when you have a character with no limbs, you can't ignore the fact that he's a snake. It also managed to avoid having regular animals coexist with the anthropomorphic animals, particularly at the end of the film, where they actually don't even show who or what was pulling the carriage during the finale!
    • Sir Hiss is still differentiated from a non-anthro animal. Anthropomorphic snakes are frequently depicted as slithering on their bottom half, while their head and some of their neck is constantly elevated. It's the closest to walking on two legs you can really pull off with a snake, so almost any anthropomorphized snake will move this way, while real snakes usually keep their head low to the ground while moving and put it up only briefly to analyze the surroundings or make a threat gesture.
  • Chicken Little (Disney)
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Partially-Civilized Animal example: The Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of ga Hoole may be a example of this trope because there's talk that suggests that humans used to exist, but are gone. In the book and movie, owls do metalwork in forges, drink tea, and write and read books, but they basically look like normal owls and don't even have Feather Fingers.
    • The film somewhat averts this as other than some comic relief, it is a very dramatic film.
  • Rare non-animal example: Cars, where all of the inhabitants are talking vehicles.
  • The storybook world from Rock-a-Doodle.
  • The Lion King, even though everyone except Timon (and the other meerkats) and Zazu is a quadruped and is completely naked.
    • But how come they showed Scar's fur being sent all the way to ancient Greece somewhere after the first film?
  • All of the Ice Age films except for the first one.
  • Arashi no Yoru ni
  • Surf's Up


Tabletop RP Gs


  • The Fabuland theme from LEGO. Their later Legends of Chima theme fits as well, this time with Petting Zoo People.

Video Games


Web Original

  • Tasakeru
  • Neopets has recently been changed into one of these, with the title pets serving as the stand-in for humans, so the Petpets serve as stand-ins for animals.

Western Animation