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Bolivar Trask

Creator of the Sentinels, and the first one to stir up wide-spread panic and bigotry over mutants. Died in the arc that introduced the Sentinels and was later resurrected via a techno-organic virus as a minion of Bastion. Outside of the comics and in the Ultimate Universe, he's a major recurring villain.

  • Ascended Extra
  • Back for the Dead
  • Fridge Logic: How did an anthropologist get the know-how or the funding to build an army of giant robots?!
    • To be fair, this is the Marvel Universe. It's not like there's not a history of people with a multiple of degrees (I'm looking at you Hank Pym).
      • I kid you not, Lampshaded in the original comic by Professor X. He says the reason the Sentinels go crazy is because Bolivar Trask is an anthropologist, not a roboticist.
  • Humongous Mecha
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Trask has no powers himself, but as the creator of the Sentinels he is indirectly responsible for more mutant deaths then any other individual except Cassandra Nova (who, it should be noted, used his technology to exterminate the population of Genosha).
    • A fact he was horrified by.
  • Turned Against Their Masters
  • We Hardly Knew Ye
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Kills himself after his resurrection due to remorse.

Zelda & Vera Cantor

A pair of human girls who used to double date with Beast and Iceman. Zelda was a flighty beatnik girl and Vera was a Hot Librarian. Vera's relationship with Beast went on for several years, but Iceman dumped Zelda without telling her, and never went on a date with her without Hank and Vera.

Ted Roberts

A college friend of Jean Grey's. An overachieving Muggle who feels he couldn't live up to his brother. His brother later became yet another evil counterpart to Iron Man called the Cobalt Man. Was at least smart enough to see through the X-Men's disguises.

Candy Southern

Warren's childhood friend who he began to date after Cyclops and Jean Grey finally started to become involved. Though not superpowered, she did briefly serve as leader of the Defenders.

Stevie Hunter

A star dancer who injured her knee and was forced to retire from performing, so she decided to become a dance instructor instead. Shortly after Kitty Pryde joined the X-Men, she was enrolled in Stevie's school, where Stevie became a sort of older sister figure, and eventually became close friends with the other X-Men as well, particularly Storm.