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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for X-Men fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Book of Magik, by Xakko

  • Recommended by uncannybeetle
  • Synopsis: Set before Messiah Complex, this story deals with the return of Belaco to Limbo and the attempts by the X-Men and the rest of the world's heroes to stop him. All the while the shadow of the former ruler of Limbo, Illyana Rasputin, hangs over all.

The Mutant Problem, by XenoKattz.

  • Recommended by Jonn
  • Synopsis: A series of interviews and photographs, by Peter Parker for the New York Times, about the aftermath of the telepathic attack in the second film.

Last Son series By The Writer With No Name

  • Recommended by Pygmalion
  • Synopsis: "X-Men: Evolution crossover with Superman. AU Season 1. In the early days of the Institute, Charles Xavier finds a young man with a great legacy: Kal El, the Last Son of Krypton. He will change the X-Men's world forever. Crossover with Superman.
  • Trope page.

Deathless By J Harper

  • Recommended by Kirayoshi
  • Synopsis: X-Men comic-verse, AU, based on Whedon's run of Astonishing. When the X-Men investigate an attack on a museum exhibit of Russian antiquities, they're not prepared for the emergence of an old friend, long thought dead, now an implacable enemy. What terrible power turned Piotr Rasputin into Nicholai the Deathless?

Thick As Thieves By Valerie J

  • Recommended by Stratagemini
  • Synopsis: After falling in love with the wife of the head of the New York Thieves Guild, Bobby Drake knows that he will do anything to get her. Even approach Gambit to sponsor him into the guild.

Blind Sight by Valerie J

  • Recommended by Stratagemini
  • Synopsis: Sequel to Thick As Thieves. When Operation: Zero Tolerance turns into a fullfledged mutant hunt, Remy must use all of his resources to keep the X Men safe while they search for a way to bring Bastion down.

"Vanished by it's curtains for you

  • Recommended by Pirate Lomg
  • "Synopsis": Cassie is taken in by Team X and struggles to survive as a teenaged girl among 7 hardened soldiers.

A Dark and Hungry God Arises by Amanda Sichter

  • Recommended by: Mipp
  • Summary: Charles Xavier's horrifying descent into Onslaught.

First, Do No Harm by Poi Lass

  • Recommended by Mipp
  • Summary: A terrible event leaves two best friends utterly shattered.

A Test of Power by DR

  • Recommended by Red Dragonfly
  • Summary: This story sets out to make all the inconsistencies concerning the two villains Mr. Sinister and Apocolypse make sense, but it's so much more than just that.

X-Manson by Benway

  • Recommended by Lavanya Six
  • Synopsis: What if Charles Xavier ran his school like a cult? (WARNING - Mature Themes)

Deadpool's Awesome Fanfiction by Emeraldjewel

  • Recommended by Love Is Weird
  • Synopsis: The merc with a mouth, in his usual awareness of the continuity, realizes that he is in a fanfiction and decides to correct some common issues with the medium.

There's A Mutant Under My Bed! by Loni Kingrey

  • Recommended by Mipp
  • Synopsis: A garbled message from Excalibur leads to panic and hilarity among the X-Men. Meanwhile, Gambit and Joseph's competition for Rogue's affections becomes progressively more ridiculous.

Even Angels Have Scars by Blue Frodo

  • Recommended by Ye Mighty Despair
  • Synopsis: A very well written and thought out backstory to movieverse!Nightcrawler that connects many elements from the original comics, Enochian mysticism, and even two works of art from 19th century Hungarian artist Mihály Zichy in with how the blue furry one got his scars. OK, the art actually doesn't show up until the sequel, but still In the beginning it mostly focuses on his life in the circus under his protective adoptive mother Margali's watch, but gradually becomes much darker as Kurt grows and discovers why Margali was always so worried for him, why he looks the way he does, and just how dangerous the world can be to someone who looks like a demon.

Dead Note by CreamCheeseAlchemist (Death Note Crossover)

Generation X Presents: A Short (and somewhat inaccurate) History of the X-Men by Jaelle

  • Recommended by Kirayoshi
  • Synopsis: As the X-Men regroup after the events of "Operation: Zero Tolerance", Jubilee and the Generation X students provide a much-needed morale boost by re-enacting the history of the X-Men, "based on a true story, and adapted slightly to make it funnier."

"The Second Sister" by The Red Pen Of Doom 87

  • Recommended by Pirate King
  • "Synopsis": Tells the story of Emma Frost after the clash at Three Mile Island.

"Kid Dynamo [dead link]" by Connie Hirsch

  • Recommended by Fuzzy Boots
  • "Synopsis": Jessica Pierce, fireproof mutant, winds up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters around the time of the "Fall Of The Mutants" storyline.

"Go West" and "Brothers in Arms" by Jeremy Bottroff

  • Recommended by Fuzzy Boots
  • "Synopsis": Cypher rises from his grave irreversibly merged with Warlock. Circumstances result in him gaining a psychic link to Mirage, Wolfsbane, and Rictor and he decides to move to California in an attempt to escape the daily insanity of the X-Men. In the sequel, they find that Cable isn't willing to let them off so easily...

Original X-Men: Love Is Just Another 4-Letter Word by Kerrie Smith

  • Recommended by Lady Nomad
  • "Synopsis": Way back when there were only the five original X-Men, there was the very first Valentine's Day. There are four super powered teenage boys and only one girl. What could happen.

I Hear The Rotors Still by Blinky the Tree Frog

  • Recommended by GG Crono
  • Synopsis: Movieverse. One night, the Xavier Institute receives a strange visitor who has a warning for the X-Men.

The Untouchables by pygmymuse

  • Recommended by darkgloomie
  • Synopsis: (Logan) had to admit it. He had a bad habit of taking in strays.

Controlling Chaos, by Rioghnachs Reign.

  • Recommended by I am No One
  • Synopsis: While this X-Men Evolution starts off as a story about Logan and Rogue training to control her new power, it evolves by the fifth chapter into something much more. Continuing almost directly from the end of the series, with more plots a characters than one story could normally handle.

Trust, by nyssa123.

  • Recommended by Ectoplasm Cookie
  • Synopsis: Alternate Universe for X-Men: First Class- After Cuba, Erik decides not to leave. It's all different, now- as Charles adjusts to life in a wheelchair, Erik has to atone for what he's done.

Revised Scene, by Adrian Tullberg.

  • Recommended by Dont Kill Bugs
  • Synopsis: A revision of Mystique's depowering scene from X3 that removes Magneto's callousness.

The Adventures of Kitty Pryde by Melodyrider

  • Recommended by Kirayoshi
  • Synopsis: Set during Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men: Kitty is now a teacher at the Xavier Institute and is trying to work things out with Piotr Rasputin. But a mysterious alien woman has befriended her. The malevolent gamester Arcade has returned—to propose marriage? And a years-old mystery regarding some missing days in her life has reared its ugly head. Old threats, new allies, old loves, new enemies. All in a day's work for Kitty Pryde.

Sons of the Wilderness: 1849 by StarGirl5000

  • Recommended by Lavender Aura
  • Synopsis: Movieverse/Origins Comics. This fic and its in progress sequal/prequal ceaselessly blends together the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie and the Wolverine: Origins comics. Victor Creed and James Howlett are brothers in hiding, living in a mining community. James adjusts well and is liked, while Victor is disliked and slightly resentful of his brother. It sparks a fight leading to the inevitable Wolverine/Sabretooth feud. The prequal focuses on a young Victor Creed's growing friendship with the sickly James Howlett and the affair between Victor's father and James's mother.

All Along the Watchtower by NezumiPi

  • Recommended by Lomelinde
  • Synopsis: This fic expands on Erik's and Charles' pasts and focuses on their relationship and how they change each other. Mostly set during and just after First Class, though it diverges a bit.

"X-Men Supreme" by MarvelMaster616

  • Recommended by scifigeek
  • Synopsis: A reboot of X-Men, based off of the Ultimate concept.

"Limited Release" by rageprufrock

  • Recommended by Eveandriss
  • Summary: When Alex Summers broke out of supermax to rescue his stupid kid brother, he had no idea it was going to be so fucking complicated.

"A Deeper Season" by etirabys

  • Recommended by Eveandriss
  • Summary: Charles Xavier- rich, introverted, and academic- begins his senior year of high school in 1962. Erik Lehnsherr, despite his own efforts, is the first person to properly reach out to him. Both are astonished to find a human being on the other side.