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  • Jean using her powers so Xavier can dance on her wedding day.
  • Jubilee teaching Xavier to rollerblade, when he has the use of his legs for just a few hours. And then pushing him in the lake.
    • For this troper, another CMoH (and a bit of a Tear Jerker to boot) comes just a few pages later in that issue -- Xavier begins to walk back to his wheelchair, and Jubilee begs whatever higher power's listening to let Xavier to make it back all the way to his wheelchair before he loses the ability to walk again; when she sees he's not going to make it, she quickly rushes to help him the rest of the way.
  • Yet another Jubilee moment, this time from Generation X #6. After an adventure in the Morlock Tunnels against Gene Nation, the team regroups back at Xavier's mansion. They're unwinding and when Skin asks if they can leave, M says that they have to wait for Jubilee. Cut to Jubilee in the woods, looking for Wolverine. He shows up, saying that half of him didn't want her to see him in his semi-feral state (due to Magneto having ripped out his adamantium) while the other half was hoping she'd come to him when he needed her most. As he talks, Jubilee proceeds to cut him off with a hug.

Jubilee: Man oh man alive, Wolvie! I turn my back on ya for five minutes and, like--ya totally fall A.P.A.R.T. without me, ya big lug. I knew it was a mistake t'leave ya. But I promise, Logan, I'll NEVER leave ya again.

  • This page from Manifest Destiny is one of the most heartwarming moments ever in Nightcrawler/Shadowcat friendship. Probably doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Jubilee seems to be involved with quite a few CMOH. When she tracked down Reno and Molokai, two hitmen who killed her parents, Wolverine convinces her not to kill them. She settles for kicking them both in the balls, and asks Wolverine if this makes her weak. Logan informs her that it doesn't make her weak at all, and may make her one of the strongest people he knows.
  • In a Meaningful Echo of this moment, Jubilee tracks down the man who hired Reno and Molokai, with Generation X hot on her heels, fearing that she'll kill the man because of her time with Wolverine. Jubilee informs them that it's because of her time with Logan that she won't take a life.
  • After losing his adamantium, Wolverine left letters for three of his fellow X-Men. The longest, by far, went to Jubilee.
    • On the subject of Wolverine's letters, the shortest, but no less meaningful, went to Xavier. "Dear Chuck, Lighten up. Your ol' pal, Logan."
  • Doubling as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, when Scott and Jean are getting married, Sabertooth thinks of crashing the ceremony. He gets a good swift kick to his rear, and turns to find a warning written in the snow, "Don't Even Think About It." Wolverine may not be in official attendance, but he was still looking out for Jean.
  • Wolverine had one of these when he met "the awesome android assassin Elsie Dee," made to look and programmed to act like a five-year-old girl. She changed her mind about killing him and managed to delay the detonation of the plastique she was packed with, telling him to leave her and get to safety. He refused.

"...I got a gut feeling that something that can make the decision to sacrifice itself for another creature can't be all machine ... there's gotta be something human in there. And that something is scared and hurtin' and I'm not about to leave it all alone to face the dark."

  • After Destiny's death, Mystique is scattering her ashes at the sea as asked in a letter(IIRC). But since Destiny has precognition powers she knew the wind would throw her ashes back at Mystique. This is a Crowning Moment of Funny for Irene and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for the comic.
  • "Kitty's Fairy Tale," from the early 80s, is an entire issue dedicated to Kitty Pryde telling a bedtime story for Illyana...that is essentially a retelling of the Dark Phoenix Saga, with a Happy Ending. And the rest of the X-Men, including Cyclops, overhear it. The ending is pure sweet.
  • Magneto gets one in #522, when he brings Kitty back from space. "Du bist tsu dar, tzatzkeleh."
  • The moment before Kitty sacrificed herself to phase the space bullet from Earth:

Kitty: Disappointed, Ms. Frost?
Emma: Astonished, Ms. Pryde.

  • Cyclops had two, on two separate occasions, with the same dialogue in completely different contexts. The first time was when Jean Grey was brought back to herself in the penultimate chapter of the Dark Phoenix Saga, and the second was after Madelyne Pryor was rescued from Mastermind and resuscitated after nearly drowning.

"Hi, yourself."

  • Wolverine telling X-23 that he wants to officially adopt her as his daughter, while at an amusement park no less.
  • Jubilee and X-23 are at the Eiffel Tower after an adventure. Jubilee explains to her that friends look out for one another just like family and that X-23 has a family that she can talk to now. When X-23 expresses worry that she'd have things that she wouldn't know how to put into words Jubilee responds by telling her that words are overrated and that if she wants they'll just pick up the phone and be quiet together. She then gives a small speech about being alive and embracing life, both the good and the bad, because that's what being alive is all about. She then happily jumps off the Eiffel Tower and the normally stoic X-23 finally smiles before following her lead.

The 90s Animated Series

  • The ending of the season one finale has a number of such points, all conglomerating in one big Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • After having been gone so long Rogue is worried, Gambit appears, exhausted but unhurt, behind Cyclops.

Gambit: I t'ink maybe you miss me, eh?
Rogue: (covers his mouth with her hand and kisses the back of her hand) Ah hate you!
(Hugs him)
Gambit: I don' understan' dis woman.

    • Gambit and Rogue finally admitting how they feel in the finale of season two. This troper had her very first Squee moment when she saw that.
  • Xavier, piloting the Blackbird, has been shot down and is about to crash...when suddenly the plane halts in midair. Magneto holds the plane casually aloft with his powers, laying waste to Sentinels with a gesture of his other hand.

Magneto: Did you think I'd let you die alone, Xavier?

  • The series finale. Magneto is poised to take control of a giant mutant army. The X-men arrive and ask him to go to Charles since Magneto is the only one who can save him.

Jean Grey: How much do you love Charles Xavier?
Magneto: How dare you ask me such a question! He was my only equal. I owe him my life!
Jean Grey: What would you do if you knew you were the only one on Earth who could save his life?
Magneto: Do not play games with me!
Jean Grey: Listen to me. A telepathic message to Lilandra is Xavier's only hope. You may be able to supercharge his mind just like you did mine. His brainwaves are electromagnetic.
Magneto: You lie to torture me. My legions await my command pledging body and soul to me. With a single word I can remake the world. I can not leave.
Cyclops: You know what you should do.
Magneto: Why now? My greatest enemy; and perhaps my only friend. But I have waited all my life for this moment!
Cyclops: Wouldn't he do it for you?
(Cut to Xavier's bedside)
Xavier: Hello, Magnus. Surely you have more impressing business than nursing an old friend.
Magneto: Nothing more important.
Xavier: Thank you. It seems I have quite an audience. Thank you all. I'm grateful to have the chance, to say goodbye.

  • Then there's the scene just before Xavier leaves:

Xavier: Morph, it's nice to see you home. In facing your fears, you have proven yourself truly an X-Man. Gambit, how often must the scoundrel prove himself a hero, before he believes it himself? Jubilee; You are the future. When I look at your face, I see hope. beautiful Storm. Mighty as a hurricane, gentle as a summer rain. You honor me with your friendship. Wolverine; Loner: you have found a family. Wild savage: you have found dignity. Cynic: you have found faith. Rogue; unable to touch, yet look around you. You will find that you have touched us all. Jean, first in my heart. Your courage allowed you to see things no other human ever has, yet remain the same innocent child I met so very long ago. (grimaces in pain)
Beast: Is there anything I can do, Charles?
Xavier: The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel."
Xavier: Scott...were I your father, I would tell you that no truer son could ever be. I am proud, proud of you all, my X-Men.

  • Wolverine goes through the absolute worst day of his life, finding out that the little he does remember is fake. Silver Fox rejects him, saying that they never dated in real life. The Weapon X base gets destroyed, eliminating any clues to his actual past. At the end of the episode, Wolverine laments that nothing he knew is real, but Beast says "I and the rest of the X-Men are real."
    • Speaking of Wolverine, even though it goes downhill for him later on the episode where he spends time with an Inuit tribe, just because he's so damn HAPPY for once, not brooding over Jean or his past or all the people who want him dead...he's finally just unreservedly happy. The Sabertooth has to show up and screw it all up like the dick he is :(
  • Rogue frequently laments how she can't touch anyone without killing them. Most of the X-Men have chosen not to acknowledge her self-pity, or to indulge it. Beast's response is to try to make her smile.

Beast: You were lucky. I had dandruff.

  • The Christmas Episode.
  • The Beast's relationship with his patient Carly has some heartwarming moments, such as when she quickly accepts his appearance after becoming able to see. Also, a signed picture of Carly is seen on the Beast's desk in a later episode, suggesting that the two of them kept in touch even after finding it too dangerous for them to have a romantic relationship.

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