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Trivia tropes for the comics:

Trivia tropes for the animated series:

Trivia tropes for the film series:

  • Ascended Fanon: Used in-universe. The young students come up with the idea of having cool code names. When Charles and Erik show up, Raven (er, Mystique) suggests they go by "Professor X" and "Magneto" respectively. Both eventually go along with it. Moira similarly coins the term X-Men.
  • Development Hell: The Wolverine is a minor case, being postponed by director Darren Arranofsky leaving, the 2011 earthquake in Japan, and Hugh Jackman filming Les Misérables.
  • Did Not Do the Research: In First Class, getting a coin pushed through your brain wouldn't hurt nearly as much as shown, since there are no nerve endings there.
      • It's been suggested that the pain Charles experiences is primarily psychic or psychological, rather than physical.
  • Fake Nationality - The Canadian Wolverine and the American young!Cyclops are both played by Australian actors. Americans Xavier and Juggernaut and the Polish Magneto are all played by British actors (although in the case of Juggernaut and Xavier, their nationalities are never mentioned and they don't hide their natural accents so one could assume that the movie versions were simply from England)- which also includes the Scottish James McAvoy and the Irish Michael Fassbender. The German Nightcrawler is played by the Scottish Alan Cumming. Storm, who is from Morocco, and the Canadian Sabretooth are both played by Americans (by two different Americans, in the case of Sabretooth). The Americans Rogue and Jean Grey are played by a Canadian and a Dutch actress respectively, while the American Iceman is played by a Canadian. The Russian Colossus is also played by a Canadian but like the Xavier and Juggernaut examples above, the movie version is never given a clear nationality. Phew.
    • In First Class, Magneto is German-Irish and Xavier is Scottish (and the nationality is still unclear, as he lives his childhood in New York but graduates in Oxford). Not to mention Nick Hoult (English), and Rose Byrne (Australian) playing Americans.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: For starters, you got Captain Picard mentoring Kamala/Xenia Onatopp and Jinx, with Senator George Henderson their biggest obstacle. And Solid Snake wrote the screenplay. Not even STARTING on Magneto starring as a certain extremely powerful wizard for the next three years in an arguably more iconic film than any X-Men movie.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The truck driver who takes Rogue to the bar/cagematch arena is George Buza, who voiced Beast in the '90s cartoon. Crosses into Hey, It's That Guy! if you've watched The Adventures of Sinbad.
    • In a similar vein, Chiara Zanni and David Kaye appeared respectively as the White House tour guide and a TV show host. On X-Men: Evolution, they're the respective voices of Jubilee and Professor Xavier.
    • R. Lee Ermey is commanding the troops in X-3.
  • Production Posse: Bryan Singer brings along cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel, writer Michael Dougherty (and in the second, editor-composer John Ottman, who was busy during the first)... and neglects them the third by dragging them along for Superman Returns.
    • In First Class, Matthew Vaughn brought his producer/writing partner Jane Goldman, and actor Jason Flemyng (who even though of not doing make-up heavy roles after Clash of the Titans, but opened an exception to Vaughn).
  • Refitted for Sequel: The bathroom set in X2 was originally built for a flashback scene Cyclops discovering his powers in the first, that was left before being shot.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Kevin Nash was going to play Sabertooth, with Tyler Mane as his stunt double.
    • The Last Stand is filled with this.
    • Singer Glenn Danzig of Misfits was the first choice for Wolverine (back when Carolco Pictures held the film rights) since he fit the character's build. After the long development hell period, Danzig had aged and it was decided to seek other options.
    • On the DVD commentary for the second film one of the writers mention their ideas for adapting the Dark Phoenix Saga, with Jean committing suicide by telekinetically forcing Scott to look at her and then removing his visor.