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File:Xbox Live Arcade 22222 2446.jpg

Xbox Live Aracde, or XBLA for short, launched November of 2004 for the original Xbox and just one year after Steam, and was the first digital distribution channel for a video game console (if the Sega Channel and Broadcast Satellaview don't count).

The service's main titles seem to be Casual Games, but other games (such as updated re-releases) also exist. For the most part, the service is split into four main categories:

Compare with Playstation Network, Wii Ware, and DSiWare.

Notable Xbox Live Arcade titles include:

  1. (formally known as Community Games)
  2. (Despite being available outside Japan via Games on Demand, the game itself however is still in Japanese)
  3. (The HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica X were released as retail games in Japan; They were brought overseas as downloadable titles in other region)
  4. (in original Japanese and English)
  5. (the original Golden Axe has been avialable to Xbox Live Arcade this prior collection)
  6. (Streets of Rage 2 has been released prior to collection)