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File:9708 5f2d 550 4327.jpg

Yuu Asakawa is one of the voice actresses that is known for her deep and calm voice which means she is often landed the roles of characters that fulfills the trope Tall, Dark and Bishoujo or Statuesque Stunner (in fact, she's not quite one in Real Life at all, especially the tall part — she's only 5'3). As a result, her characters usually overlap with Ms. Fanservice and it's what makes her famous.

She was once married to another well-known voice actor Showtaro Morikubo. Unfortunately, they quickly divorced.

She keeps her twitter updated, in English no less (although not perfect English). She also hosts a web-based show called Otaku Verse Zero with Patrick Macias, introducing Japanese sub-culture to English speakers. Which means, yes, she spoke English the majority of time (had to speak Japanese to deal with some natives).

Notable roles by Yuu Asakawa:

Tropes associated with Yuu Asakawa