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File:2888 3766.jpg

Yuu Kobayashi is a seiyu born in 1982. She is known for voicing both Tsundere and The Woobie roles, and has played both male and female roles. She also has an extensive history of voicing characters who harbor inordinately lustful crushes, naturally unrequited more often than not. Her deep voice also makes her a popular choice for Action Girl roles.

When not voice acting, she is also a singer.

Lately, some of her fans have been calling her sanity into question. For example, she can draw well. What she draws is another matter entirely. Then again, considering the fact that she's voiced a Split Personality girl in Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei, and at least two characters for 07th Expansion series, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Kotaku has a video montage of all of her infamous "artwork"

Fans have taken to calling her 2.5D, which is a great honor as they no longer consider her 3D.

Notable roles:


  "You didn't show this article to my manager before publishing! And you're making fun of my artwork? I WILL SUE YOU!!!"